World Economic Forum Davos Summit 2023 | All Information About World Economic Forum Davos Summit 2023 ?

  • World Economic Forum’s Report “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”
  • Report Findings
  • Brief introduction and history of the World Economic Forum
  • Davos Summit 2022
  • Davos Summit 2023
  • Other essential publications by the WEF
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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Recently, the World Economic Forum released the 18th edition of its Global Risks Report, entitled “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.” The report was published before the Davos Summit of 2023.

The Global Risk Report is an annual publication that examines a variety of global threats, including economic, environmental, geopolitical, sociological, and technological risks.

This study is based on the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Perception Survey, which polls experts from diverse companies, governments, and universities. This paper overviews the world’s most significant hazards and analyzes how these risks are interrelated. It also gives ideas for mitigating these risks and increasing resilience. Policymakers, corporate executives, and academics read the study, which is a significant resource for understanding global risks and their possible consequences.


The Report’s Findings

The next decade looks bleak as our inability to address Climate Change and our lack of preparedness for Climate Change mitigation becomes evident.

The other alarming findings include the following:

  • The likelihood of extreme weather events
  • A significant increase in biodiversity loss and collapse of ecosystems
  • The slim chance of achieving the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius

The Global Risk Report also released the top 10 risks in the next two and ten years encompassing economy, environment, geopolitical, societal, and technology.

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Earlier known as the European Management Forum, this non-profit foundation was created in 1971 by Professor Klaus Schwab.

The WEF is most known for its annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, where political leaders, corporate executives, academics, and other specialists convene to debate and resolve global concerns.

The WEF aims to improve the status of the world by bringing leaders together in partnerships to create global, regional, and industry agendas. The group focuses on international commerce, economic growth, and social inequality. The WEF also conducts research and produces studies on several issues.

Davos Summit 2022 #WEF22

Held from 22nd to 26th May 2022, the 52nd World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting convened with the

Theme- “Working Together, Restoring Trust.”

The primary agenda of discussion included the ongoing war in Europe, the increase in inflation, the supply chain crisis, the climate crisis, and Covid19 pandemic.


Davos Summit 2023

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum 2023 is currently taking place in the picturesque town of Davos, Switzerland. This prestigious event has brought together some of the most influential leaders from around the globe to discuss and address some of the most pressing issues facing our world today.

In addition to business leaders and government officials, several social media influencers have also been invited to participate and broadcast the proceedings to a broader audience.

India is represented by notable figures such as Ashwini Vaishnav, Smriti Irani, and Mansukh Mandaviya. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” held from January 16th to January 20th. With such a diverse group of leaders and thinkers in attendance, this promises to be an essential and productive event.

Key topics for discussion include:

  • Setting targets for achieving net zero emissions.
  • Upgrading electricity grids to support renewable generation and green hydrogen production.
  • Developing strategies for various decarbonizing industries.

Other essential publications by the WEF:-

Global Competitive Index

Global IT Report

Global Gender Gap Report


The World Economic Forum is a leader in addressing pressing global issues such as climate change and conflict, which the world urgently needs to find solutions for.


Frequently asked questions on the WEF:-

Who participates in the World Economic Forum?

Leaders from various countries, the G7 and G20 groupings, and CEOs of several corporations participate in the annual meetings of the WEF.

Who is the head of WEF?

Borge Brende is the current head of WEF.

Where is its headquarters, and is there an office in India?

It is headquartered in Cologny.

It has an office in Mumbai, India.

How is the World Economic Forum different from other financial organizations?

The World Economic Forum is a non-profit organization that produces various reports and publications.

Where can you watch the meetings?

The events are live-streamed on the World Economic Forum’s youtube channel.

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