Why is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy
developing a healthy relationship with CFR?

  • What is CFR?
  • Summary of the conflict in Ukraine
  • Conflicts current state in Ukraine
  • What anticipates CFR from Ukraine’s President
  • Aftermath of Move in the global geopolitical outlook.
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What is CFR?
The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is an organization founded in 1921. The primary motive of the organization is to research, find and analyse the global issues that are affecting the world from a long-term point of view. Mostly the organization is for journalism purposes and has to present an analysis and research in front of a global audience amidst the issue.

CFR can be used as a very powerful tool in consideration of the fact that they are is highly regarded as an organization which is if not the best then surely one of the best journalist reporting and analysis organizations and thus having to power to formulate the ideas and perspective of people, which can be used a weapon against a nation.

A summary of the conflict in Ukraine

Since the start of the conflict in early 2022, it was expected that the Russian forces would certainly crush the Ukraine capital to its ashes and would swiftly conquer Kyiv; but the reality turned out to be different and with the help of western allies and the NATO nations Ukraine was being able to not just defend itself to an extent but even hurt the Ambitions of the Russian President Mr Vladimir Putin.

But the Ukrainians had to pay up the heavy price for the same, their overall GDP was put to a standstill, and they couldn’t stand against a nation that has one of the strongest arsenals of weapons thus Ukraine’s had to ask for a diplomatic help from the western allies, which they did in the form of what is called the soft power or the diplomatic power.

The European nations and the United States had bombarded the Russian Economy with tons of sanctions and restrictions, like denying the Russian Banks to use the SWIFT network, putting all kinds of financial sanctions, capping the purchases from the nation and many more: and were successful eventually for some time in the same;

However, this could not sustain for long, as Russia is a nation that has an abundance of natural resources like Fuel, coal, naturally occurring Uranium and an enormous supply of Food resources because they have huge lands for agricultural purposes. Adding to this the Trump card that was in the hands of the Russians was that the Europeans had their heater and factories running on Russian Gas, Oil and to an extent, even Plutonium and Uranium for the production of Nuclear energy, which was being supplied by the Russians.

The Russians had the strategy to even counter the economic Sanctions like denied access to the SWIFT network and having their Currency getting linked to the Gold standards which helped the Russian Rubel to remain stable even after the sanctions, the Russian Government only accepted the payments of the purchases of the energy resources in Rubel, which increased the demand of the Russian Rubel and thus the Russians were able to reverse the effect of the Sanctions on their economy.

Thus even after the number of sanctions the Russian Economy was shelled and thus they were able to sustain the war almost nindefinitely. These moves go backfired on the European and American economies and thus had to abide by the Russian Rules indirectly.

The conflict’s current state in Ukraine.

The most recent update from the battlefield was the denial of the Ukrainian President for a peace Cease-fire for days, proposed by the Russian Government. The showcase of such a denial reflects that there is surely a backing to the Ukrainian President not to bring the war to a standstill, possibly by the Western Blog and the European Nations.

In Addition to this, the Ukraine president has been seen meeting Global leaders like Mr Joe Biden, President USA and Mr Rishi Sunak, PM United Kingdom, to establish Soft diplomacy and possibly bring out the desired outcome of the conflict to him.

What anticipates CFR from the Ukrainian president?

With all this happening around for Mr Zelenkskyy it is seen that he is wanting to add a new weapon to his arsenal which is the support of the media and Journalist, this is the most possible and efficient reason for him to possibly try to if not building healthy relations with CFR then to at least bring out an Anti- Russian Journalism and research in the conflict.e

Moves like these have proved to show that this conflict is more of a psychologically driven war than the usage of actual arms, to gain international sympathy for the Ukraine side and hurt the Russians in the long term.

Aftermath of the Move in the global geopolitical outlook.

It is very clear that if world politics get inclined towards the Ukraine side it’ll be very difficult for the Russians to sustain in the long run admitting the global pressures. If shortly the tables turn and the Russians are defeated in the aftermath of CFR Supporting or being on the side of Ukraine we could see that there might even be a global criticism of India because the Indian government denied any direct involvement and even refrained from choosing a side in the conflict, not just this the nations like China might also be criticised for the same.

The plans of the many Western nations might even start to get on track in case of a defeat of the Russian side and considering this there might be results filling the pockets of a few Nations.

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