How To Make Money On Youtube In 2023 Without Any Investment ?

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In 2023 you must have taken your creative side into a turn. Earning from something which you love doing is something interesting. And now there are a plethora of ways to achieve the way you wanted to earn your dream.

Thanks to the digital world! This space has created a drastic change in the minds of the people for leading a good life.

YouTube can be the best-chosen space for your growth! You might be familiar with watching YouTube vlogs and shorts, but won’t be much smooth how can you earn money on YouTube.

Read the article down, and follow up the steps to establish yourself on YouTube.


  1. YouTube Partnership Program or YPP
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored content
  4. Produce memberships
  5. YouTube Chat Features

How to make money on YouTube in 2023

  1. YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube has become much more than simply a platform for creative expression; it has become a legitimate source of income for many users, including YouTubers, content creators, and affiliates. The most popular mechanism that YouTube utilizes to generate income for its users is its partnership program.

What is YPP?

The YouTube partnership program is a platform where users can submit their channels for consideration for a contract currently offered by YouTube.

Once accepted into the program, users have access to additional features and services from YouTube, such as advertising and monetization options, as well as promotional opportunities.

Furthermore, users within the partnership program can join third-party organizations that work with YouTube to increase the potential for future revenue streams.

To be eligible for the partnership program:

  • users need to reach certain requirements.
  • For example, channel owners must agree to YouTube’s Terms of Service, be at least eighteen years of age, and have accumulated over 1000 subscribers and 4,000 views.
  •  YouTube also requires that channel owners follow certain guidelines including adhering to copyright and DMCA regulations, maintaining a certain level of engagement with users and subscribers, and producing high-quality content regularly.
  • Once accepted into the partnership program, YouTube typically offers the user a revenue-sharing plan. This allows users to earn revenue from the ads, views, and clicks they generate.
  • Additionally, users who join the program have access to promotional opportunities, extra features and services, and assistance from YouTube when needed.
  • Affiliate Marketing

Creators can generate revenue through links between their channels and other websites.

By utilizing affiliate marketing, YouTube channel creators can be compensated for introducing their channels’ viewers to other products and services.

  • The partner website should be one that the creator trusts and values, and that they would be comfortable sending their viewers to.
  • Once the partner website is chosen, a special URL link is created. This link usually referred to as an “affiliate link” will be used to link the partner website to the YouTube channel.
  • Once the link is created and added to the channel as a part of videos, product placements, or other content, the YouTube channel will begin to earn referral fees whenever viewers follow the link and make purchases from the partner website.
  • To maximize earnings from affiliate marketing, it is important to keep in mind the type of audience who are watching the channel.
  • Search for potential corporate partners and products to feature on affiliate marketing sites such as ShareASale and ClickBank. Additionally, explore your favourite brands’ websites to discover how to become an affiliate.
  • It is essential to properly inform your viewers about your affiliation with the featured brands and direct them to the “link in the description” on your video.
  • Sponsored Content

On the brand side, sponsored content can offer targeted advertising for their products by piggybacking on the growing popularity of YouTube and its content creators.

On the creator’s side, sponsored content offers additional revenue streams. Many content creators struggle to make enough revenue to support themselves and sustain the level of content they are producing.

Sponsored content helps to increase a creator’s income, which in turn allows them to produce even more content and grow their audience. Additionally, sponsored content can often be a great way to increase engagement with viewers/followers.

 This engagement can come in the form of questions and answers, discussions, or even live streams.

However, while the financial benefits of sponsored content are easy to recognize, there are important factors to consider before creating sponsored content. For example, brands need to make sure that their messages are properly tailored to the creator’s audience, as too many promotional messages could lead to disengagement and adverse effects for both the brand and the creator.

Similarly, creators should ensure that the products and services they are advertising are a good fit for their audience, to maintain an honest and reliable relationship with their viewers and followers.

  • Produce Memberships

As channel subscribers, users can access exclusive features and content not available to non-paying viewers. This could include early access to videos, exclusive Q&A sessions, exclusive live streams, and exclusive comments.  

By having exclusive content, viewers will be more incentivized to pay for a membership to access the exclusive content that non-paying viewers will not have access to.

Memberships also provide custom profiles that allow subscribers to personalize their viewing experience.

Custom profiles allow subscribers to have personalized avatars, improved comment moderation, and a more unified viewing experience compared to non-members.

These features can be highly attractive to viewers and allow them to subscribe to the membership.

 Additionally, memberships can offer a commitment to the community by reminding subscribers their subscription makes the channel better by allowing better content, more streaming events, and more community engagement.

This functionality is quite straightforward. If a person wants their comment to stand out and be pinned for a while during a live feed, they must pay. This money is paid to the YouTuber directly.

To Conclude

The steps to growing your YouTube channel must be simple. However, your channel’s growth will only accelerate when the content you create is truly relevant to the audiences’ needs. It is critical to keep your target audiences in mind.

Furthermore, being constant, determined, and industrious could help to solidify the techniques even further.

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