Nepal historical Culture redefining People of World

  • Overview of the Topic
  • Brief of the country
  • Historical Cultural of Nepal
  • Conclusion
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Overview of the Topic:

Namaste From Nepal…….
Every other nation in the world builds itself in a such a positive way in order to maintain a pure and a peaceful relationship with all the other states and also apply every kind of tools of diplomacy and this bond & relation cannot be formed until unless knowing about the culture, religion and belief of other nation. In the world, which is full of war and conflicts in which Nepal is the country with multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi lingual. One of the country where culture plays a most important role in developing and strengthening the different people personality from all over the world.

Brief of the country:

Nepal is known as the home to the Himalayan Mountains. Nepal is a country which is proudly located between Indian and Tibet. The place is named for the Kathmandu valley. The Nepal Cultural mainly represents a fusion of both Indo Aryan and Tibeto Mongolian.

Despite of all the new democratic political ideas Nepal’s culture is still deeply rooted in it’s old tradition and religion. The population of Nepal is broadly divided into three main categories which are –
• Indo-Nepalese.
• Tibeto-Nepalese.
• Indigenous Nepalese.

Nepal is encompasses which various cultures which are belonging to the distinct ethnic group which are present in Nepal. Different groups of people with all different customs, religion personalities who practice Buddhism, animism or Hinduism. With the different customs, different caste ethnic group are all changing rapidly with the change in the modern taste.

All these caste and ethnic group are all identifiable by both physical traits and different styles of dressing up with distinctive forms of music, dance and cuisine. The place do have a long history in the migration process and the trade. In the historical concept, Nepal is considered as one of the least urbanized countries in the world. Nepal is considered as a place of land where people found their peace and harmony.

Historical Cultural:

The historical culture of Nepal is filled with diverse ethnic group of people which redefine their personalities these groups are some which are arrived from every other different part of the country which together create a vibrant and a vivid culture among the people of Nepal and also make a bond with the other neighbouring area like India and Tibet.

The country is filled with all the interesting bunch of culture and traditions from all over the world and for most of the part, where religion plays a considerable important role in the life of an individual
on the daily basis. A number of well-known music, dance and colours they all add in the landscape of the Nepal culture.

Well, the most famous culture in Nepal is the way they greet there guest which is by putting both the palms together called it ‘Namaste’ which is very much common in India as well. In the past few decades, Nepal has been in the list of all the tremendous countries which are well known for it’s rapid changes in the field of development, equality and human & civic rights.

Beside of its culture development, Nepal is also popular for it’s tourism, agriculture and hydropower. At the same time, all the political disorder and a lack of different personalities of people, thoughts which is a big topic of conflict between the group of people.

In spite of all these obstacle and disturbances there are still some of the areas where Nepal is still focusing as a strongest cultural nation.

The culture of Nepal is very rich and unique. The rich and the multi-dimensional culture of this nation all depends on these old social traditions and conventions.

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