Cultural and Tradition of West Bengal in 2023 ?

  • Overview of the Topic
  • Culture of West Bengal
  • Tradition of West Bengal
  • Some of the Success Stories of West Bengal
  • Conclusion
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An Overview:

A place which is very much dear to our hearts, filled with surprises, the colour of this place, the mesmerising beauty of this place. One of the wealthiest states of India in terms of its diverse culture, personality, art, literature. Over the years, even after the effect of all modern culture and new traditions and various reforms still West Bengal blend very easily in the modern culture and tradition. The place is known as the hub of all the amazing culture and many festivals from all over the India.

Culture of West Bengal: The Culture Capital Of India

The culture of West Bengal is the richest culture in India. There’s no doubt in saying this that West Bengal is filled up with lot of amazements. The traditions and as well as the culture of West Bengal is considered as the most vital feature among the general population of Bengal.

Culture is something which boast the richness of the place. Many famous creators like ‘Ram Mohan Roy’ & ‘Vidyasagar’ have contributed in the culture reformation of the place. The Music and Dance of the place also plays an important role in the culture of West Bengal.

• Music:

The music form is the most important part of the Bengali culture which gives a different touch to the place. The Rabindranath Sangeet the word itself give a tribute to the writer of the song. West Bengal is the open ocean of these beautiful songs. The music of this place it complicates and at the same time adore the culture of the place. The music of the place involves folk songs of god, the classical Bangla music or the seven music notes which serves the various culture of the place. West Bengal has the most legendry music forms which express the human emotions, love and devotion.

• Dance:

The very famous traditional folk dance of West Bengal which is performed by group of women who dance in a way to seek the blessing of God in order to fulfil the wishes of there child, the dance is known as ‘The Bitra Dance’. One more important aspect of this dance is that it is also performed when any loved one of your family has been recovered from a dangerous diseases or from any life threating situation.

• Bengali Literature:

The Bengalis have a great contribution in the Indian Literature some of them are Gitanjali, poet Rabindranath Tagore who have received the Nobel Prize in the field of Literature. West Bengal is a big home of all the world’s greatest writer.

• Bengali Food:

It is just next to impossible to live a life without food and Bengali’s are the one who understand it the most. Rice is a typical food of West Bengal. In addition to all this, West Bengal is well known with its sweets, rasogolla, Sandesh, handmade pitha all are the national favourite sweets of West Bengal.

Traditions of West Bengal:

All the customs, religion, rituals and ceremonies are all the part of the tradition of West Bengal. Just like every other culture, even West Bengal also have it’s own way of celebrating there festivals, has there own ceremonies of birth, death or weddings. Just like the halldi ceremony, the Bengalis also have their haldi ceremony which is known as ‘Gaye hould’.

Even during any wedding function, they are not allowed to wear any kind of black colour clothes. They also have a tradition of folk drama which is called as ‘Jatra’ in Bengali. Overall, the tradition and culture of West Bengal all are connected with the roots of there music, drama, art, poetry, dance, literature and all. People there has maintain their culture and tradition of there state by celebrating it in a different way. Just like –

  • Kali pooja in West Bengal is an old yet the most important festival out there. It’s a kind of an annual festival which is dedicated to mata kali which was introduced in Bengal by Krishna Chandra of Navadvipa.

  • Durga pooja: This festival is celebrated by them in the month of September and October. The festival is the celebration of all the good over evil.

  • Chhat Pooja: This is the only Hindu festival which is dedicated to the sun of god ‘Surya’. It is performed in order to thank Surya for sustain life on earth. All the other festivals like Christmas, Id and other festivals are celebrated in equal fervour by all. Mainly the Culture of this place all in one define the tradition of West Bengal. The culture and the depth of traditional Bengal are brilliantly reflected in the Bengal’s food and

  • Some Success Stories of West Bengal:
    Apart from all it’s diverse culture, tradition the state also carries its’ great success stories of many people. Today they are considered as indispensable in order to build a great society. Starting up your own business and running a successful enterprise is a big deal.

  • ❖ Turning an Old into Gold – Sujata Chatterjee the owner of the store name as the ‘Twirl Store’. She launched a new world of fashion, where people basically bring their old unwanted wasted clothes like bed sheets, curtains etc after which they get points through which they buy new clothes from the twirl store. Her main idea was to just work towards the fashion sustainability and mainly towards the fabric waste management, as after that her business has gain a huge attention in India and also across the world.
  • ❖ The landmark Bakery story of West Bengal – The ‘kookie jar ‘is popular for its baked products, this business was started by two young women. The business has made its name in the Indian Pastry and Bakery Industry of India. The bakery has a product which is combine with a great taste and comes in a good quantity.
  • In the recent survey it has been reported that West Bengal has ranked 11th among all the Indian States on the bases of doing business according to the World Bank.
  • Conclusion:
    West Bengal is renowned on a worldwide level for it’s richness and variety of culture. It is known for its beauty all across the world. The place do have an excellent connectivity with the railways, roadways and ports of India.
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