What is Virtual fitness & how it happens ?

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Virtual fitness training is a form of online training that evolved from traditional in-person one-on-one training .

Why do we need virtual fitness ?

We want virtual fitness because of the current condition . How corona affects our lifestyle , all we know is that . We fear going out of home for only this pandemic condition .

Does fitness training need everyone ?

Yes, of course. To live a beautiful life  we have to be strong physically . The more you fit the more you grow .

What is the difference between virtual fitness and physical fitness ?

There is not much difference between virtual and physical fitness. In virtual fitness your trainer sees you and talks to you but doesn’t touch that’s all.

How to motivate yourself  to attend virtual fitness training ?

•Create a gym look .

•Don’t need any machines .

•Add more space to your room .

•Try to focus on your health and remember     why you attend this training .

•Don’t cheat yourself .

What do you eat before virtual fitness training?

Eat one or two bananas .

Does anyone need 2 workouts ?

No , if possible do it otherwise one time workout is sufficient for the body.

Why is fitness important ?

Your fitness becomes your attitude , you forget your shyness .

Fitness makes you more confident .

What is the problem if you can’t exercise ?

When we grow older our bones become weaker if we don’t exercise .

Exercise makes the strongest bone .

What do you get after virtual fitness training ?

  • Strong bone
  • Strong muscle
  • Be active
  • Happy
  • Tension free
  • Disease free

If we take a leap from virtual fitness training ?

Don’t get an effective result from this training .

Does diet  affect the body  ?

Definitely affects the body .

What you eat and how much you eat affects your body .

Eat healthy food to get a healthiest body .

How to make interest on this fitness journey ?

Create a daily  challenge for yourself .

If you want to become an attractive person you have to work out hard because the workout affects the shape and size of your body .

How much time needs to fit ?

It varies from person to person.

It depends on your body & your capabilities .

Is virtual fitness effective ?

If you seriously want to make a change in yourself . Then definitely see you soon .

How do I start a virtual fitness class?

8 Best Tips For Hosting a Live Or Virtual Fitness Class


•Know the platform you are broadcasting from.

•Be on time.

•Set up appropriate lighting.

•Shoot your video in the optimal settings.

•Camera position is essential.

•Consider your audio setup.

•Use music wisely.

Here are some online fitness challenge ideas that you can use to keep your members motivated.

The 30-Day Plank Fitness Challenge.

The A-Z Workout Fitness Challenge.

The 7-Minute Workout Fitness Challenge. .

The Step Fitness Challenge.

Social Media Fitness Challenges.

Healthy Eating Challenge.

30-Day Squat Challenge.

Which age is better to start your fitness training?

Start as soon as possible.

Maybe 10, 20 ,30 whatever.

If you want a fit body then you have to take action now.

Is virtual fitness effective ?

It varies from person to person.

This answer may be yes or no.

If anyone is sure to achieve their target that definitely happens.

Is exercise necessary for us ?

Yes, of course .

Because when we grow older , our bones become weaker .

Advantages of virtual fitness

Virtual fitness is a good way to exercise individually by the presence of your personal mentor .

Everyone is aware about fitness in this corona pandemic .

In virtual fitness training there is no problem with transportation .

We convinced our whole family to attend the virtual fitness training.

A good time and good thoughts come to your mind about health .

How you do better day by day , you think about it .

Disadvantages of virtual fitness

Poor internet connection

Create disturbance by family members .

If there is no suitable place for this training in your home .

Missing your companion who competes with you and encourages you.

Maybe you don’t take it seriously .

No real interaction with your instructor and friends.

Maybe you don’t follow his/ her instructions perfectly.

Too much flexibility and ignore classes unnecessarily .

How ,Health is real wealth ?

For example if you are a millionaire . Then you have more money to do everything but if you are a corona patient in a previous pandemic .

If your body cannot support your respiratory system . Doctor said , i have no words for what to do and what to do . Then there is only one hope i.e. God .

So be aware about your fitness .

And start virtual fitness from now .

Health is your real wealth .

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