Best Food Dishes of Manipur in 2023 ? Culture and Tradition of Manipur in 2023 ?

  • Overview
  • Culture and tradition of Manipur
    • Dance is the new story
    • Festivals Of Manipur
    • Tourism
    • Art and craft of Manipur
    • Popular cuisine of Manipur
  • Success stories of Manipur
  • Interesting facts about Manipur
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked question
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Namaste to the culture of India……

Overview –

A state in India situated in the north-eastern part of the country. The place is popularly known
by the name of ‘Land of Gems’ because of it’s beautiful landscape which makes the place
worth visiting. During the time of 1891, Manipur is popularly emerged as one of the princely
state. Later on in the year 1947 Manipur was established as one of the democratic kinds of
government with the proper maharaja and legislative body. It is one of the truly unexplored
gems of our country. This place is the paradise on earth. The place has its own vibe of its
traditions and of it’s rich culture. The place is surrounded up by the state of Nagaland, Mizoram
and Assam.

Culture & traditions of Manipur –

‘The Land of Gems’ is also refereed as the ‘jewelled town’ which mainly showcase all the
different types of vibrant colour of the state itself. From culture to sports to dance Manipur is
quite popular in each and every filed. The state mainly focuses on the drama and dance
through which they mainly reflects the life of the ‘lord Krishna’.

First time in 1917, poet Rabindranath Tagore was the one who promoted Manipur dance in
India in the form of classical and modern both. The state is also famous for its unique
festivals and their style of celebration. ‘Lai Haraoba’ one of the long back religious festival
which is celebrated in the holy scared groves in the form of drama. Half of the population of
India is not even aware of this fact that ma Manipur is the only state in India which has
influenced Korea in its culture.

Dance is the new story –
Another form through which Manipur depicts its traditional culture is in the form of ‘Dance’.
The dance of Manipur is the most mesmerizing that reflects the beauty, coordination, story
behind the whole dance and most important the grace of the people. As said, the dance tells
the viewers about the love story of lord Krishna and Radha Maa and this dance mainly
performed during the celebration of ‘Rass Leela’. On the other hand, the most difficult form
of dance is the ‘kathakali’ dance which is the pride of Manipur. This form of dance is mainly
based on the facial expression of the participate.

Festivals of Manipur –
Festival gives us numerous reasons to celebrate the culture of our own state with great joy
and happiness. Talking about Manipur, the state is filled up with too many different types of
events. Just like all other state of India, even the festivals of Manipur also takes place with
great amount of joy and harmony.

All these festivals of Manipur mainly symbolize the social, religious and cultural side of the
people out there. There is hardly any month in the whole year in which there’s no such kind
of any celebration in the state of Manipur Festivals such as:

  • Lugaiini Ningol Chachaba.
  • Gangai.
  • Eid ul Fitr.
  • Christmas.
  • Yaoshang and many more.
    All these festivals are celebrated according to the Hindu Calendar. These are the one of the
    most famous festivals of Manipur.
    Tourism of Manipur–
    The Beauty of Manipur can only be understood by the process of Tourism. Who want’s to
    miss the great opportunity to explore the beautiful lakes in the morning, all those historical
    religious places, the culture of the state in the form of dance and drama. As the people of
    Manipur are interested in the drama.
    Some of the main tourist centre of Manipur:
  • The Khwaramband Bazar of Manipur.
  • Khogampatt Gardens of Manipur.
  • Siroi Village.
  • Siroi Hills.
  • Kenya Tourist Accommodation.
  • Khogjom War Park.
  • Natural Beautiful Landscape.
    The state attracts their tourist to visit again and again because of its healthy culture and good
    Art and craft of ManipurWell, there’s np doubt in saying that people of north-eastern side are very much into creative
    business and their handmade crafts are very much different from the rest of the country.
    Manipur is a state which is said to be one of the biggest producers of bamboo crafts in the
    whole India.
    Some of the popular craft of Manipur are:
  • Kauna : On of the type of reed which is usually used in making mats, cushions.
  • Pottery: it is one of the most old age craft which one can find it out in the state of Manipur.
  • Textile Weaving: It is one of the handmade craft which is practised by women of Manipur
    also known as Laichamphi.
    Popular Cuisine of ManipurDo you know what Manipuri’s love? Rice, yes sounds weird but rice is one of the staple diet
    of people of Manipur. The rice is fried with lot of vegetables which is served with fermented
    fish. So, we can say this that the typical Manipur dishes is consist of mainly with steamed
    rice accompanied by kangsoi with a gravy-based vegetable called as ensaang along hot spicy
    just like a chilly paste.
    The dishes of Manipur is made with the base of raw turmeric, green chili, onion, ginger,
    garlic and mustard oil or any cooking oil.
    Success Stories of Manipur-
  • Story of a college Drop out –
    Khumbongmayum Dhanachandra one of the very successful entrepreneurs in Manipur, he
    mainly runs a manufacturing unit and generate jobs for other people. Earlier he started his
    work by manufacturing bags but failed in that. Later on, the year 1996, he launched his own
    ‘Romi industries’ and after that he never looked back.
    After a great amount of hard work, his business has reached at a point of success that
    presently he has his own staff of at least 30 people and with all the latest technology and great
    quality of stitching machines. His industry manufacture school bags, laptop bags, suits,
    jackets and other various items as well.

Interesting fact about ‘The Land of Gems’ –

  • In the year 1972 on 21
    st of January Manipur was finally became one of the constituent state
    of the Indian Union which was being ruled by the Governor.
  • Manipuri dance is recognised as the one of the most famous forms of Indian Classical
    Dance Form.

  • Manipur is also known as the ‘Switzerland of East’.

  • The classical dance of Manipur is derived from the Sanskrit Text which is called as ‘Natya

  • People of Manipur are divided into two main categories which are Bishnupriyas and
  • Conclusion
  • Here is the best of Manipur’s heritage to help you plan a beautiful and fun trip. One must
    visit to this exciting place. Manipur will be a great treat to the eyes and for all those who
    wanted to visit one of the vibrant state in India and yes, for sure Manipur is never going to
    disappoint you.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the food culture of Manipur?
  • The staple diet of Manipur consists of rice, fish, large varieties of leafy vegetables
  • What is the famous culture of Manipur?
  • classical and folk-dance forms.
  • How many cultures are there in Manipur?
  • There are around 40 ethnic groups in Manipur.
  • What is the famous festival of Manipur?
  • Yaosang.
  • What is Manipur best known for?
  • Manipur is famous for its rich culture and traditions, Scenic landscapes, natural
    beauty, and mouthwatering cuisines
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