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England’s upturn in fortunes over the last 12 months has earned plaudits throughout the world of cricket and their exciting new brand of test cricket “Bazball” has captured the imagination of fans from around the world. But the question is “what is Bazball and where does the term come from”? Here is everything that you need to know about Bazball.

Where does the term Bazball come from?

Bazball is a New exciting brand of test cricket that has been utilised under the leadership of England head coach Brendon Mccullum and captain Ben Stokes.

The term is derived from England head coach McCullum who was nicknamed “Baz” during his playing days with New Zealand.

What is Bazball?

Bazball is a style of play that is synonymous with Brendon Mccullum and his England team.

McCullum arrived as England manager earlier this year with no experience of coaching at the Test Cricket level. However, in his opening interviews, he boldly claimed that his England team would rescue Test cricket.

Since taking over as Head coach McCullum’s philosophy has been to go out and attack the opposition and entertain the crowd. Bazball prioritise-scoring games rather than playing defensive cricket and trying to preserve  wickets. The tactic encourages a team to take risks in pursuit of victory rather than playing it safe.

Bazball has gained widespread recognition and praise from the cricketing community and the philosophy has been described as very entertaining and pleasing to the eye. The style of play has also proved very successful in terms of results and has and has managed nine wins from their 10 Test matches since McCullum took charge.

Bazball and the method behind the madness

Test cricket is a conservative game that openly rewards patience, defensive technique and Temperamental fortitude over flair, bravado and innovation. Batters are supposed to last long grinding oppositions out the value of a wicket is Paramount and the aim of the better is to stay on the pitch for as long as possible, making amazing runs and risk-free shots. It is the bowler’s job to attack consistently on batsmen, make pressure on them, take wickets and move the game closer to its conclusion.

Bazball is a novel approach that tries to shed some of cricket’s long-standing assumptions on how to play a game, specifically the approach to the batting side.

Instead of trying to preserve wickets, Brendon McCullum directed the England players to “go for it” and score more runs for their team as quickly as possible. The theory behind this is that wickets are inevitable in cricket, regardless of the approach a batter takes to tackle the pressure and play a better shot. The right bowler can beat even the best player with the most solid defence. Hence, it is logical to score more runs before that one unplayable delivery arrives and beats the batsmen.

Further, by attacking the bowlers who are traditionally the aggressor in the long format, batters cause chaos and put immense pressure on bowling teams which then are more likely to make mistakes.

Kumud Sharma

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