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One can traveller all across the world, but one it comes on the comfort food, nothing is better than Indian food. Indian dishes may surprise in many ways. When you are in India, one may come across variety of dishes you might come across. India’s dishes talks about its culture, historical stories, traditions and many more.

India’s culture and its tradition reflects its beauty through its food. Each state in India has its own flavour, it’s official dish with the touch of its spices and obvious ‘gharka masala’.

Here some of the famous dishes that one must try if you are in India

1. The Thalli: This dish is a full combination of all the meals out there, gives you a perfect touch of all the Indian dishes in one go and all gives an opportunity to try several different Indian dishes in a single plate.

The plate is consisting of basically any two types of more curries with steamed rice or jeera rice, in side pickle, naan or roti, buttermilk, raita served with sweet dish and all severed in one single thalli.

This thalli dish is originated mainly from north India first and now it can be found throughout the country.

2. Delhi ke kebabs: It is may not be the official dish of India but, the exotic taste of these kebabs which automatically make them mouth melting taste with a lot of ‘mirch – masala which makes it more than an Indian dish.

It is officially known as the dish of Delhi (Dilli) and Lucknow are the cities who actually farmed this dish in India. Kebabs is made with minced meat, onions, and lot of spices. There’s a diverse range of these kebabs in Delhi such as the Tunday kebabs, which is one of the famous kebabs among all the other kebabs.

3. Paneer ki saag: It is a very famous vegetable curry in India. This saag mixture is basically originated from Punjab, this dish is can be enjoyed as a side meal or also with main meal.

It is made with panner with a creamy mixture and also within fresh green leafy vegetables which actually known as ‘saag’. The paneer is just a base of this saag. This dish is originally served with naan or roti or rice.

4. Pav Bhaji: The dish is originated mainly through is mill workers in Mumbai in long back 1850. This dish was mainly came into origin in order to just fulfil the requirements of lunch for the mill workers who all are working in Mumbai.

This dish is the main popular street food of Mumbai and the whole of India. It is well popular in the state of Maharashtra. This dish is mainly consist of all green vegetable curry that is mainly served with soft bread which is mainly called as ‘pav’ in India.

It is fully combined with proper butter or ghee and with all Indian masala’s and they all are mashed and combined together in order give a final result of the vegetable bhaji.

Well, Pav Bhajji is a real quick and a easy meal and also counted in one of the favourite street meal that is served in every biggest restaurants in India and outside India as well. There are various pav bhaji like the cheese pav bhaji, dried pav bhaji, mushrooms pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji.

5. Masala Dosa: This is a Indian pancake with a touch of traditional southern Indian dish which is known as masala dosa which is very much famous throughout the country. The dish was first originated in Karnataka.

It is made with the batter of soaked rice and with stuffed potatoes, onions and sometimes even made with dried dosa. It is served with white coconut and chopped coriander.

The masala dosa is normally consumed as a evening quick snack and all as a main meal for dinner. The taste of this dish is delicious with full Indian masala with a crispy taste and with the bowl of full masala sambhar.

6. Kulfi: It is a traditional Indian ice cream with a mixture of pure milk. Even the process of making this dish is quite time taking but later on gives a result of a delicious sweet Indian dish known as ‘kulfi’ with the touch of nuts, caramelized flavour.

The best of this Indian sweet dish is that the shape of this sweet dish is quite unexpected and one can say unusual, a conical shape.

The sweet Indian dish is made with a full traditional Indian ingredients such as rose water, saffron and one can have it with there prefer flavour with fruits and colourful berries.

It is to be say that this sweet Indian dish is originated in the ancient habitats of Himalayas during the Mughal empire era.

7. Dal Makhani: Well, the history of this dish is quite contentious subject to talk about. The dish was first originated by the founder of the Moti mahal chain which is very much famous in India as well as outside India Kundan Lal Gujral, he is the one who used dal in making this dish, even do it is also said that this dish is first came up in Punjab and now has become one of the most famous Indian dishes even across the border.

The dish is made up of red kidney beans and whole black which is known as the name of ‘ urad’. Dal makhani is made up with a full amount of ghee and various amount and types of ginger garlic paste and is served with rice or jeera rice, or the best option is garlic butter naan.

8. Butter Chicken: This most gorgeous Indian dish for which every Indian crave for. This dish is the reason why every state of Indian have a pride on their food and taste. This dish is a perfect dinner party meal or can be a main meal.

Butter Chicken is a main originated from Punjab it is a north Indian spicy chicken dish which is available throughout the country. It is made up with chunks of chicken which is marginated overnight in yogurt and at last giving the beautiful mix of all the Indian spices. Traditionally, butter chicken is known as ‘Murgh Makhani’.

9. Hyderabadi Biryani: This Indian dish is a perfect choice for all the foodies out there in India. Hyderabadi Biryani is a dish which is originated in south but now as all other dish it is also spread all across the India such as, Delhi which shares a special relationship with biryani. This so called ‘Pulao’ may have been an Indian army dish in medieval India.

Hyderabadi Biryani is a dish which is cooked in Dum style and while at the time of serving it is served with fried onion and mint leaves, the biryani is served with cold vegetable raita. It is said to be that it is one of the most magnificent Indian dishes.

10. Indian Chaats: The Indian chaats are the mainly known in India as the’ main street food’ of India which one can find in all the cities of India. Some of the famous Indian chaats food are kachori, pani puri, bhel puri, masala puri, dahi puri and all comes with a proper base of basic vegetables and spice.

The Indian Chaat is an Indian dish which is originated in north India and gradually start spreading the all the cities and states of India and now one can find it in every corner of India. The best part is that once you tried these Indian chaats no one can stop you going back for it more.


All these Indian Dishes are like a full-on celebration for all in one. All these mouth watering and spicy flavour Indian dishes. India’s food is not like any other country’s food, it is a complete wide collection of all the countries tradition, culture and build a bold and robust taste in the flavour.

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