Shimla News : Normal life came to a standstill in Shimla due to heavy rains

Shimla News : Normal life came to a standstill in Shimla due to heavy rains

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated August 14, 2023 by Diary Times

Shimla News : Normal life has come to a standstill in the capital city of Shimla due to heavy rainfall. The Shimla-Solan road is closed due to landslides at several places while both the roads coming from Ufagli to Khalni and New Bus Stand to Old Bus Stand within the city are blocked by landslides and landslides. Closed due to fallen tree.

The road from Old bus stand to Chhota Shimla is closed due to landslide near AdWord school while Vikas Nagar Chhota Shimla road is also closed due to falling trees and landslide.

Vikas Nagar Pantha Ghati road is closed near CIT HQ while Tuti Kandi to ISBT road is closed at intersection. Road from Vidhansabha to Sanwariya is closed due to fallen trees. Large number of trees uprooted in other parts of the city as well. Power, water and communication services disrupted due to collapse and landslides

And there has been power failure in most of the areas of the city. Heavy rains are continuing in the upper areas of Shimla district and most of the main and link roads have been closed. Due to this the apple season has been badly affected.

Let us see this report of our correspondent Kumud Sharma for the latest weather condition of Shimla city and district. After heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh for three days, the situation of devastation continues. Heavy rains are also going on in the capital Shimla.

According to the Meteorological Department, the possibility of heavy to heavy rain has been expressed in the next twenty-four hours and it has been clearly instructed to avoid going to landslide prone areas and avoid going there because the rivers and drains are in spate. This kind of advice has been given and if you are traveling, then understand what it is and travel after knowing the traffic situation.

And because the roads are constantly being closed. Even in the capital Shimla, many local roads have been blocked. Although the administration is constantly trying to open the roads, but the way it rains continuously, it causes landslides again and again. The incidents that are happening are happening in different areas.

And the administration has clearly appealed to the people that if it is necessary then only go out of the house, otherwise don’t go out because the government has closed all the educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh, because the traffic in Himachal Pradesh It has been affected in many ways, the way the roads have been blocked, therefore keeping in view the safety of the people and the children, the government has decided that the schools will remain closed today.

Although tomorrow is August 15th holiday. But the way it is raining continuously, havoc is happening in Himachal Pradesh and there will be no relief in Himachal Pradesh even in the next twenty-four hours, because according to the Meteorological Department, there will be heavy rains in twenty-four hours. The possibility of heavy rain has been expressed.

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