Panic In The Assembly: A Despicable Display Of Violence

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We have seen the recent events that took place at Delhi’s Municipal Corporation House with profound embarrassment and disappointment. Members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Bharatiya Party (BJP) both acted in a shameful manner that showed total disrespect for our country’s democracy and Constitution.

The violent and chaotic actions that took place, including chair throwing, hair pulling, and fistfights, are unacceptable and have no place in the House or any other public forum. The fact that several members need hospitalisation due to their injuries just helps to highlight how serious the situation is.

It is clear that both the AAP and the BJP have failed short of the expectations of morality and honesty that are expected of public leaders. Better is owed to the citizens of Delhi and the entire nation. We hope that those responsible for this turmoil will be held accountable for their behaviour and that steps will be taken to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

We ask every member of the House to be mindful of their responsibilities and work for the overall welfare of the people they have been chosen to represent. We can only expect to solve the difficulties impacting our society and move forward through respectful and peaceful debate.

During this period, the special attention of the world is fixed on India and the meetings of the representatives of G-20 countries are going on in Delhi. They must have seen the violent acts of The heartbreaking images of pushing, shoving, and kicking that were posted on social media and shown on television give an upsetting picture of the state of politics in our country.

It is unacceptable that instead of serving as forums for respectful discussion and resolution of ideological disagreements, our political institutions have turned into places of purely personal enmity and animosity. The use of violence and anarchy in the House of the Municipal Corporation is particularly troubling because it creates a dangerous precedent for future behaviour.

It is important that society in general try to create a more respectful and civil political environment. Our municipal corporations, national parliaments, and parliament’s elected members should be held to a high level of behaviour, and any actions that fall short of that standard should result in consequences. In order to maintain the ability to make significant decisions in a calm and effective manner, we must work to develop a respect and dignity culture in our democratic systems.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has recently used violence and disruption in the Delhi assembly in an effort to prevent the opposition BJP from potentially winning a majority. The nominated members, who have been ordered to avoid voting, will not be able to affect the outcome in favour of the BJP even if they all vote for them, making their acts senseless and illogical.

Additionally, the AAP’s actions are antithetical to  principles of democracy and the rule of law. If the party has any legal issues with the Lieutenant Governor’s decisions,  they should seek resolution through the proper channels, such as challenging the decision in the Supreme Court.

In a democratic system, violence and disruption have no place, so the AAP should work to keep the assembly’s integrity and decorum. Additionally, the party should focus on keeping its elected representatives loyal rather than using strategies that undermine the democratic process.

In order to reduce the frequency of party switching and potential violence, the Central Government should also think about modifying the anti-defection law to cover all elected members. Maintaining democratic values and the peaceful functioning of the legislative bodies is important.

Kumud Sharma

Kumud Sharma is the First Well-Known Female Journalist of the Journalism World of Himachal Pradesh. I am the Founder, Editor in Chief, Managing Director, Promoter of Diary Times. As a Female Journalist, With My Experience of More Than Nine Years, I Tell You Every News of Himachal Pradesh From The Ground Level With Absolutely Accurate and Correct Information, Be it the Politics of Himachal Pradesh or the Ground Reality, My Perspective On Every News Will Give You Assurance. I Assure You That Every News of Mine Will Comply With the Expertise and Fact Checking Policy.


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