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The recent cabinet expansion by Congress  Questions about the power distribution and representation among the many regions have been raised.  It seems that Shimla is where the state is most concentrated, leaving Kangra out in the cold. Residents in Kangra, who had great hopes for the new government, have been disappointed and uncomfortable as a result of this.

The Kangra parliamentary constituency, which seems to have been largely overlooked in the formation of the new government, is of special concern. Seven new ministers, including Dhani Ram Shandil, Chandra Kumar, Harsh Vardhan, Jagat Singh, Rohit Thakur, Anirudh Singh, and Vikramaditya Singh, have been appointed by the chief minister, Sukhwinder Singh, but this does little to address the disparity in representation and power between the different regions.

Sunder Singh Thakur, Mohan Lal Brakta, Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Ashish Butail, Kishori Lal, and Sanjay Awasthi have been appointed Chief Parliamentary Secretaries in an effort to lessen the negative effects of the cabinet expansion, however, the legitimacy of this practice is being questioned. The public’s worries about the government’s decision and the imbalance in representation have not been clarified by this step.

In order to tackle these problems and guarantee that all areas and districts are fairly represented in the state government, it is important that the administration take action. In a democracy, it is the responsibility of the executive branch to make sure that every citizen is heard and that their interests and concerns are thought about when decisions are made that have an impact on them. This is only possible if the extension of the cabinet is done with consideration for the representation of all state areas.

It seems that the state government’s recent cabinet reshuffle reflects a change in focus and a desire to add new talent into the leadership team. However, this change in attitude has resulted in a few notable omissions, like Sudhir Sharma’s sacrifice in the first batch of appointments. Moreover, despite having the most MLAs, it appears like the government is overlooking the Kangra district.

It is to be seen exactly how the people of Kangra will respond to being left from the government’s plans once again. This decision to disregard Kangra is similar to how the last BJP government handled the area. It is important to note that Congress has taken on a new form thanks to this treatment from Kangra.

On the other hand, the Shimla parliamentary constituency has gained a total of five ministers, while the Hamirpur parliamentary constituency has been fortunate enough to have both the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister. Although it seems that the distribution of power is balanced, the fact that the district of Kangra has been left out is a cause for concern.

Overall, the cabinet move has highlighted the government’s priorities and its intended method of power distribution. However, the government’s commitment to fairly representing all areas is called into question by the omission of the Kangra district. It will be important to monitor the political consequences of this action in the future.

The lengthy problem of representation in government in the district of Kangra has once again come to light as a result of the recent reorganisation of political power in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Historically, Kangra has produced significant figures from both the BJP and Congress parties, such as YS Parmar and Pandit Salig Ram. but in recent years, the district has struggled to produce influential leaders within both.

The tendency of previous chief ministers to divide the district and promote leaders from other regions is one of the main causes of this leadership crisis in Kangra. For example, Virbhadra Singh took action to guarantee that Kangra had four ministers in his cabinet after realising the significance of the district as a second seat of power after Shimla. Other chief ministers, on the other hand, did not follow this lead, leaving Kangra without significant representation in the state government.

This issue has been made even worse by the recent election results, which saw veteran leaders like Ram Lal Thakur, Asha Kumari, Thakur Kaul Singh, and Thakur Singh Bharmouri all lose their seats. With few leaders to represent the district’s interests in the state government, the district is now in a dangerous position.

It is important that actions be taken to ensure that Kangra’s leaders are properly represented in the state government given the district’s importance and the fact that it has historically been a centre of power. This is extra important in view of the district’s continual efforts to be divided and weaken its political power. It should be the duty of the current and future leaders to uphold the integrity of Kangra and ensure that its leaders have the right opportunity to participate in the decision-making process of the state.

In Conclusion, the Kangra area has traditionally been a stronghold for powerful figures and an important centre of political power in the state.  The district has been unrepresentative in the state government in recent years and has struggled to produce powerful leaders. The current and upcoming chief ministers must tackle this matter and make sure Kangra leaders are adequately represented in the state government.  By doing this, the district’s interests will be protected and its political influence will be maintained in the future.

Kumud Sharma

Kumud Sharma is the First Well-Known Female Journalist of the Journalism World of Himachal Pradesh. I am the Founder, Editor in Chief, Managing Director, Promoter of Diary Times. As a Female Journalist, With My Experience of More Than Nine Years, I Tell You Every News of Himachal Pradesh From The Ground Level With Absolutely Accurate and Correct Information, Be it the Politics of Himachal Pradesh or the Ground Reality, My Perspective On Every News Will Give You Assurance. I Assure You That Every News of Mine Will Comply With the Expertise and Fact Checking Policy.


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