Top 10 small business ideas in india under 5000, new small business ideas in india 2023, new small business ideas 2023.

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It’s 2023 and you are still in a fuss of figuring out what you should do to earn an income, and that’s why you are up here!

There is this time in your life when you would think of your many technical and creative sides. And once, you settle down with your thoughts, you came up with the idea of doing business.

Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurial life!

As you have chosen your field of career, the next step is to choose which type of business you wanted to do. Not that alone, you must also figure out the capital you could put in to start your business, and then your business plan.

Business is an open world to anyone, of any age. But the worry is about your investment. Right! Here, you could get the best new small business ideas in 2023, where you could even start your business for under 5000.

Yes! You heard it right!

Food street corner

It is a trend going on in the market of food. You could see food street corners or food trucks anywhere these days. With the feasible price for the public and good quality foods.

Some food truck corners do provide a good ambience for the public, and they win in attracting people to their corners.

You may now be thinking about the food trucks you have seen already with good vibes and good quality foods, thinking it might all be expensive enough to handle.

It’s business! Your business can be similar to others, but taking up a different strategy for the business in a unique way matters the most.

Your food street corner business can be in an area where you could build up a homely structure with your creative side of yours. You could use an old truck, wash it, get good service at an affordable price, paint it with a combination of blue and white, or any other of your wish.

Managing your finance and getting the best menu should be your aim. Even if the menu contains limited foods, the quality of the food shouldn’t be compromised.

Thrift Store

Fashion is one of the globally growing sectors in the business. Whether it is in Europe or America, India is also under the count of growing fashion countries.

To start your thrift store, you could get assembled your old clothes, but still not much old.

You can also approach your friends and neighbours if they have old clothes of good quality.

Now, exaggerate your creative designer thoughts into the clothes you have gathered. Do make a combo which can be profitable to you, by researching whether they can be trending in the market.

For enlarging your creative thoughts, you could approach some of the social media platforms, such as Pinterest.

Personal Buyer

This is a type of business, where you can get access to several customers who are not getting time to purchase and need a helping hand in purchasing the same for them.

For this, you could even start with an investment of Rs. 1000.

Get a Facebook account, better to have a business account and join yourself in the groups of major states, which includes the buyers of interest for online purchasing.

Later on, get yourself a data plan at an affordable price, for example, 200-300 Rs.

From the group, you have joined, search for product or service requirement posts.

Check on the products mentioned by a buyer on growing platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Swiggy insta mart etc.

Personal Trainer

If you are a well-educated fitness trainer and know all the related queries for different humans, then this one is for you.

When you open a website and make it available to the audience then you could start this business with a small capital.

Try to take your fitness training business to potential clients, by engaging in marketing.

You could get in with a collab with some of the well-known social media influencers, or even by providing business cards.

Seller of Tote Bags

Tote bags have come to be trending in the market in the past few months. The lightweight and aesthetic touch attract customers to purchase them.

Get in determining the equipment needed for making tote bags. This business can be done as a team as well.

Later on, you could get connected with good- trustworthy suppliers. Tote bag business will easily grow in the e-commerce platform called Etsy.

You could seek the help of an idea exaggerating tool like Pinterest if you want to.


Tutoring is not necessarily done via online platforms but can be done offline as well.

You could set an atmosphere for teaching at your home space itself, and make it available only for tutoring services.


Being a consultant means being an expert in a specific field to advise others when they are in need.

This is a profitable business to be considered as it can be started from your home comfort itself. The consultancy can be done either via telecalls, video conferences, or in person as per the customer’s comfort.

You could get potential customers from shoe manufacturing companies, human resource people and also from every other sector.


Being an accountant gives you various specializations. You could be given work to record the financial status and statements of a small-scale business firm if you have an interest in them.

And if you are capable and have gained knowledge in creating annual balance sheets, income statements and other monthly/ quarterly reports etc, of a company then you could work with that too.

Baby Sitter

Babysitting has taken up a hugely important and trustworthy role for parents.

If you are responsible, kind to children, have the patience to control them, and have the mind to teach them some good habits then this business will suit you.

Graffiti Removal Service

Creating a subscription for cleaning the graffiti surfaces/ walls of your client on a monthly/quarterly or even for hours can be a profit-earning business plan.

There are several walls and surfaces where you could see so much of illegally portrayed paintings, without the permission of the owner.

For such actions, sometimes you could get contacted by well potential clients as well for the graffiti removal service.

For this you must have a good strength of paint remover tools, to make the walls just as how they were before.

The Conclusion

It is strongly advised to conduct an extensive study before engaging in any type of business venture, regardless of the funds involved—whether that capital is small, large, or absent altogether.

Do have a general understanding of the market, learn about the hot companies, and identify all of your target markets. Make your business plan by the market’s expanding strategy after that.

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