best business ideas to make money | 7 best business idea to start your business with low capital in 2023 ?

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It’s 2023 and you are still in a fuss of figuring out what you should do to earn an income, and that’s why you are up here!

There is this time in your life when you would think of your many technical and creative sides. And once, you settle down with your thoughts, you came up with the idea of doing business.

Welcome to the world of Entrepreneurial life!

As you have chosen your field of career, the next step is to choose which type of business you wanted to do. Not that alone, you must also figure out the capital you could put in to start your business, and then your business plan.

Business is an open world to anyone, of any age. But the worry is about your investment. Right! Here, you could get the best new small business ideas in 2023, where you could even start your business for under 5000.

Yes! You heard it right!

Go further in the article and get to choose.

Audio Production

This is an era of music and podcasts. You could see a plethora of online platforms where people produce their vocals and podcasts.

If you have an interest in music/ podcasts then go for audio productions.

You could enhance your skills in audio editing in case you feel a bit underwhelmed.

For that, you could join the online courses and later on visit some clients showing your portfolio for better stability.


You can start approaching gigs by starting a social media platform. From there you could improve yourself and get known to others by consistently publishing content in which you are an expert and have a good flow.   

Full-time content creators

This is a common thing coming up in the field of social media. Some people have quit their 9-5 jobs and become successful content creators with strong planning, about their finances, lifestyle, and other beneficial factors.

You could choose this business for earning if you are strong enough to be consistent and hardworking until you reach a goal to attain the profit you planned.

Choose the niche which could be a huge worth for the audiences to spend 15-30 seconds of their time for your reel/ post. People will only get attracted and would follow and subscribe to your social media accounts when they feel, your content could be a helping hand for them.


This is common to hear that today it’s the world of content creators everywhere. But certain creators find it a bit difficult in managing their time for editing purposes.

If you have expertise in editing videos, photographs, audio, or even any one among these then you could get connected with such creators who needs your help.

Blog consulting

This is not much different from other consulting business jobs. But, in this, you should be specialized in the field of blogging, and even in SEO.

You could guide and provide the ideas and techniques and even the ways to increase their trafficking for their blogs via telecommunication, video conferences or even in person.

Renting your gadgets

You may be a person who has a good number of gadgets but has no time to work with those gadgets and it’s kept still. So, what could you do?

You could give it to the people on rent by keeping prices for an hour or a day maybe.

For example, some people get to photoshoots by renting out camera gear, such as tripods, gimbals, lenses, and even cameras from other companies.

This business can be done as per the business plan you have got with.

Online Researcher

Be an online researcher. Likewise, being a bookworm, you can also be an online researcher.

Organizations and individuals can hire you for their company’s time-saving production.

Researching and contributing content or ideas can be time-consuming, and when someone gets hired for that only purpose then it could save a lot of time and the ideas can be generated without any collapse.

The Conclusion

It is strongly advised to conduct an extensive study before engaging in any type of business venture, regardless of the funds involved—whether that capital is small, large, or absent altogether.

Do have a general understanding of the market, learn about the hot companies, and identify all of your target markets. Make your business plan by the market’s expanding strategy after that.

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