Mandi News : The hill located near Mandi Manali National Highway is completely safe and has no cracks of any kind

Mandi News : The hill located near Mandi Manali National Highway is completely safe and has no cracks of any kind

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated August 11, 2023 by Diary Times

Mandi News : Mandi’s Additional Superintendent of Police Sagar Chandra has said that the hill located near Mandi Manali National Highway 6 and 7 miles is completely safe and there is no crack of any kind in it.

Sagar Chandra after inspecting this hill with his team said that there is only danger of landslide here and there is no situation like collapse of the whole mountain. A crack has come in this mountain which is very long about eighty meters i.e. mountain What is there has been split into two and a huge crack, twelve feet wide and eighty meters long, was being told like this.

So for its immediate confirmation, a team went this morning, I also went in it. SDM sir had sent his revenue staff along with the police and there were also people from the contractor company from NHI, so today We have climbed up that three to four kilometers and checked the entire area which is of the neighboring side.

From 6 miles from the sliding site, the entire area of the adjacent site has been checked, no cracks or fissures have been found there, so no such sign has been found in the mountains and the market area has been found. What is now to be confirmed from point to Mandi side, that too will be done in a day or two, but nothing seems to be happening.

Which is because if such a crack had happened, then the sliding point which has happened where a very heavy slide down the mountain took place in the past, at that point some or the other sign should have been visible but nothing like this was found.

The Additional Superintendent of Police said that there is no possibility of debris sliding from the mountain near six miles because the rock line is visible here. He said that now only the debris that has already come here has to be removed. Due to the rain in this work Obstruction is coming.

The slide was supposed to be as heavy as it was supposed to come, it has come and now the rockline has come down, we have seen from the top, the rockline has come down. So now there is very less possibility of more debris coming from above, but the very heavy debris lying there happened, pick him up from there because he has become hip and speck there

It has become very big and has become Hanging Rocks. This pile is causing a lot of trouble, but it is not possible to lift it, but the work of lifting it is going on. When all this debris will be removed from here, then there will be no problem of landslide from that point. But right now it has been opened for 2 lanes.

For the last two days, a lot of work has been done regarding the blockage and at this point the traffic is moving fine in 2 lanes. The exact time for lifting the debris can be told by the NHI and the contractor company. But we think that the speed with which we We visit there continuously, our men are engaged there. so soon this work will also be completed.

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