Himcare And Ayushman Yojana: Patients are bearing the brunt of not getting payment to Himcare and Ayushman, operations are not being done in IGMC.


People are not getting the benefits of Himcare and Ayushman schemes. The government has pending payment of more than Rs 60 crore towards Ayushman and Himcare. Due to which the patients are having to suffer the consequences. Heart operations are not taking place in IGMC. Patients are being operated in emergency situations.

Himcare And Ayushman Yojana

Himcare And Ayushman Yojana

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Reported & Written By Kumud Sharma, Diary Times, Shimla, March 31: People are not getting the benefits of Himcare and Ayushman scheme being run in Himachal Pradesh as they should have. In such a situation, the problems of the patients have increased. If we talk about IGMC, the biggest hospital of Himachal, heart operations are not being done here these days. Patients are being operated only in emergency situations. The operation items which were earlier available on Himcare and Ayushman cards are not available.

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These goods and medicines are not available because till now the government has outstanding payment of more than Rs 60 crore towards Ayushman and Himcare. Now whole sale distributors are also facing problems due to non-payment. The wholesale distributor says that now the company is also refusing to give him medicines. Payments worth crores of rupees from pharmaceutical companies are pending. In such a situation, now the company is also refusing to provide the medicine.

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The wholesale distributor has also met the IGMC hospital management, but no positive response has been received. The biggest question here is that on one hand the government talks about promoting the health sector, on the other hand the free treatment that patients get under the schemes is also not being done. In hospitals, patients are forced to stumble from door to door. On Himcare and Ayushman cards, patients get free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. In such a situation, it has become difficult for poor patients to get treatment.

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Wholesale Distributors Association President Sanjeev Pandit, General Secretary Anuj Jain, Organizing Secretary said that they have found it difficult to order medicines from the company. Earlier this payment used to come within 45 to 60 days, but now payment worth crores is pending. Patients are facing a lot of problems due to non-availability of medicines. The wholesale distributor of medicines of Shimla is not being paid by Jan Aushadhi IGMC Shimla for almost a year. We demand from the government that these problems should be resolved soon. So that medicines can be purchased on time and supplied to the market in time.

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If patients do not get medicines under Himcare and Ayushman, then the government will have to suffer the consequences in the Lok Sabha elections. Patients get a lot of relief from free medicines. Poor patients do not have lakhs of rupees for treatment. In such a situation, the only support they have is Himcare and Ayushman card. If this scheme is also stopped then the public will protest against the government. The government should make its payment on time so that patients do not face any problems in hospitals.

Health Minister Colonel Dhaniram Shandil is repeatedly saying that the pending payments of Himcare and Ayushman will be made soon. Although the opposition had raised this issue during the Assembly session, during that time also the Health Minister had replied that this payment would be made as soon as possible, but the payment has not been made yet. Now whole sale distributors are also going to take to the streets. Now the supply of other medicines can also be stopped at any time.

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