Himachal Weather Whims:  Rainfall Rhythms and Snowfall Spectacles


Himachal Weather: Today’s Himachal weather showcases nature’s whims with unexpected rain and enchanting snowfall. A day of atmospheric surprises.

Himachal Pradesh Weather: Shimla soaked in rain, echoing yesterday's magic.

Himachal Pradesh Weather: Shimla soaked in rain, echoing yesterday's magic.

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Himachal Weather: Himachal Pradesh is the northern part of India, Which is known for its ever-changing weather conditions. Located in the northern part of India it is covered with majesty Himalayas which serve its charming natural beauty. With is enjoyed by visitors as well as residents of Himachal Pradesh. But besides its natural beauty, it witnesses various natural disasters due to its weather. So residents as well as visitors who come to Himachal to watch its glamourous natural beauty must updated with the weather and major road status along with the temperature of major cities of Himachal Pradesh. It is a relatively young state and got full statehood in 1971. And it is a smaller state in terms of both population and size.

Whimsical Himachal: A Himachal Weather Journey Through Paradise

Stormy Showdown: Himachal Pradesh Weather Battling Western Cyclone’s Fury Today 19 April 2024

In the past 24 hours, light to moderate rainfall or snowfall and thunderstorms were observed at many places over the state.  Within this period, The area of lower Hills like districts Kangra, Hamirpur, Una, Bilaspur, and the lower part of Mandi, Solan, and Sirmour experienced rainfall in a few places. and tomorrow also there is a chance of rainfall in many places in this area. In the area of the Middle Hills like some parts of Shimla, Solan, Sirmaur, and Mandi rainfall along with snowfall is observed in many places.  Tomorrow as well this area will experience rainfall and snowfall in isolated places. Whereas, in areas of High Hills like Kinnaur, Lahaul, and Spiti, and some parts of Chamba and Kullu rainfall along with snowfall was observed at many places. And tomorrow this will continue as usual. There has been no large change in minimum temperatures and no large change in maximum temperatures during the last 24 hours. The average minimum temperatures and maximum temperatures were normal. Today the lowest temperature was recorded at Keylong = -0.5 degrees Celsius which is lower than yesterday’s temperature. This shows the effect of western cyclonic disturbance in Himachal Pradesh. and yesterday, the Maximum temperature was recorded at Dhaulakuan=36.9 Degrees Celsius. A fresh Western Disturbance will likely affect northwest India from yesterday. A western cyclonic disturbance refers to a weather phenomenon characterized by the movement of a cyclonic circulation system from west to east. This disturbance typically originated from the Mediterranean Sea or northern Africa and traveled eastward, affecting regions such as the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. this disturbance often brings significant changes in weather patterns, leading to precipitation, strong winds, and temperature fluctuation. The impact of western cyclonic disturbance varies depending on factors such as the system’s intensity, the affected region’s topography, and the time of year. In some cases, these disturbances can lead to heavy rainfall, flooding, and landslides, particularly in mountainous areas.  India Meteorological agencies closely monitor western cyclonic disturbances and issue warnings and advisories to help mitigate their impact on the communities and infrastructure. Additionally, forecasting models are used to trace the movement and intensity of these disturbances, providing valuable information for disaster preparedness and response efforts. This disturbance is observed by residents of Himachal Pradesh. Data also shows a decrease in temperature due to this disturbance.

 According to the Ministry of Earth Science and Meteorological Department of India. Today the chief amount of snowfall is traced at many places like Koksar ( 19.0cm ),  Keylong ( 8.5cm ), and Kukumaseri ( 2.4cm ). and the chief amount of Rainfall was observed at many places like  Dharmaur ( 25.0mm ), Chamba AWS ( 25.0mm ), Tissa ( 24.3mm 0, Solan ( 24.0mm ), Kukumaseri AWS ( 19.3mm ), Rajgarh ( 20.4mm ), Kalpa ( 20.2mm ), Renuka ( 19.4mm ), Reckong PEO AWS ( 19.0mm ), Dalhousie Alha ( 29.0mm ), Koksar ( 29.0mm ), Keylong ( 6.0mm ), Kangaghat ( 12.6mm ), Narakanda AWS ( 12.5mm ), Shimla ( 13.5mm ), Kasauli ( 13.5mm ), Dharamsala ( 11.4mm ), Sarahan ( 11.0mm ).

Himachal Pradesh Weather: Koksar draped in a snowy blanket! Record-breaking 19.0mm snowfall today.-DT Photo By Neha Singh
Himachal Pradesh Weather: Koksar draped in a snowy blanket! Record-breaking 19.0mm snowfall today.-DT Photo By Neha Singh

Lahaul & Spiti Weather Advisory:-

According to the Meteorological Department of India, there is an Orange alert in the district of Lahaul & Spiti for the next 2-3 days due to rainfall and snowfall due to a western cyclonic disturbance. According to a press release by the office of the Superintendent of Police of Lahaul & Spiti on the inspection of Daaracha – Searchu Marg by Shri Mayank Chaudhary ( IPS )  there is an orange alert in the district. He said that he inspected Daarch- Searchu Marg with their police team for the perspective of traffic. He said that he determined that the road leading to Deepak Tal Lake is not suitable for travel for both tourists and locals. Mayank Chaudhary advised that no residents and visitors should travel through this road till further order from the concerned authority. Deteriorating weather conditions due to western cyclonic disturbances can lead to accidents or difficulties for travelers, endangering lives and property. He said that Himachal is known for its glamourous natural beauty and Deepak Tal Lake is one of the parts of this natural glamour, while reaching this natural wonder like Deepak Tal Lake, safety remains the priority. He said that this road will be open after proper maintenance. He said that in the period of this maintenance, he requested the residents and visitors to avoid traveling via this route till further order from concerned authorities.  In this situation, authorities are requesting residents as well as visitors not to undertake unnecessary journeys.

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Today’s weather in Lahaul-Spiti is a maximum of 10 Degrees Celsius and a Minimum of 0 Degrees Celsius. The sky seems partly cloudy, which causes diffused sunlight and a decrease in temperature along with decreased visibility across the area. Moderate to strong winds from the northwest direction are prevailing. And for the next 2-3 days there are chances of a decrease in minimum and maximum temperature across the state. Weather conditions will get worse for residents as well as visitors due to the western disturbance. Due to the expected heavy rainfall and snowfall in the region, there is a high risk of landslides, avalanches, and road blockages. Travers are advised to avoid unnecessary journeys during this period. Residents are also requested to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and advisories. Residents and visitors are requested to stay tuned to local news channels and official weather updates for further information and updates on the weather conditions in the Lahaul & Spiti district.

Lahaul and Spiti Weather: Deepak Tal Lake road shut tight by nature’s embrace! Mayank Chaudhari IPS confirms that the road is closed due to rainfall and snowfall.-DT Photo By Neha Singh
Lahaul and Spiti Weather: Deepak Tal Lake road shut tight by nature’s embrace! Mayank Chaudhari IPS confirms that the road is closed due to rainfall and snowfall.-DT Photo By Neha Singh

According to the Ministry of Earth Science and Indian Meteorological Department Centre at Shimla, Weather Alert has been released between 19 April 2024 to 21 April 2024. Due to Western cyclonic disturbance, various areas of Himachal Pradesh will be affected and, due to these disturbances, there is a chance of heavy rainfall along with snowfall in various areas of Himachal Pradesh. Due to the deteriorating weather conditions of Himachal Pradesh during this period, authorities have issued an alert for the residents and visitors. In various areas of Himachal Pradesh rainfall, snowfall, gusty winds, thunderstorms, and hailstorms will experienced by visitors along with residents. But it has been seen that even after receiving this alert notice people will visit Himachal Pradesh. The concerned authority said that during this period, people should avoid visiting the upper hills area for their safety. Visitors along with residents are advised to not visit rivers, or lakes ( as I earlier said Deepak Tal Lake road is blocked till further order from authorities due to rainfall and snowfall in this area ), garbage, upper hills, etc. during this period, certain areas are anticipated to witness significant weather disturbances, specifically, there is a high probability of heavy rainfall accompanied by snowfall in elevated areas. This precipitation exerts substantial pressure on the terrain and may lead to issues such as landslides and avalanches. Moreover, strong winds are forecasted to prevail across some parts of Jammu and Kashmir, adding to the intensity of the weather situation. These high-speed winds could potentially cause damage to structures and disrupt normal activities. In mountainous regions, the combination of snowfall and freezing temperatures raises concerns about road safety and transportation. Accumulation of snow on roads can make travel hazardous and may necessitate precautionary measures from residents and travelers alike. Given the expected weather conditions, individuals must exercise caution and stay informed about any updates or warnings issued by local authorities. Additionally, taking proactive steps to ensure personal safety and preparedness, such as stocking up on essential supplies and monitoring communication channel updates, is strongly recommended.

In case of emergency, it is advisable to reach out to the designated emergency contact numbers.

According to the Ministry of Earth and Science and Meteorological Department of India, In Shimla people will experience a generally cloudy sky, which causes diffused sunlight and a decrease in temperature in Shimla along with a decreased visibility; and there is the possibility of light rain in this area. And in the area of Satluj and Ranjit Sagar, light rain is likely to occur at isolated places. If we talk about Beas there is the possibility of light rain at isolated places in this area. Light precipitation is likely to occur at isolated places in the district of Chamba, Kangra ( Bara Bangal, Baijnath, Palampur ), Kullu, Shimla, Kinaaur, and Lahaul and Spiti accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning at isolated places in the district of Chamba, Kangra, Shimla, Kullu, Sirmaour and adjoining areas. And if we talk about the District of Mandi and Solan there is a possibility of light precipitation at isolated places.

Current Weather across Major Cities of Himachal Pradesh:-

  • Shimla: 18.6 degrees Celsius with 50% Chance of precipitation.
  • Sundernagar: 30 Degree Celsius with a 37% chance of precipitation.
  • Kangra: 29.7 degrees Celsius with a 1% chance of precipitation.
  • Chamba: 19.8 degrees Celsius with a 71% chance of precipitation.
  • Kufri: 12.9 degrees Celsius with a 70% chance of precipitation.
  • Keylong:9.1 degrees Celsius with a 99% chance of precipitation.

In conclusion, today’s weather in Himachal Pradesh exhibited a mix of conditions across its landscapes. While lower regions experienced clear skies and mild temperatures, the higher altitudes encountered mild rainfall and chilly winds. Residents and tourists should be prepared for fluctuating weather conditions due to cyclonic disturbances. As always, staying updated with local weather forecasts is advisable for safe and enjoyable travels in the region. And current weather status shows that in some places temperature decreased or in some places, it increased from yesterday but the chances of precipitation displacement are negligible. Due to cyclonic disturbance concerns authority has issued an advisory alert. And in case of an emergency, you can contact the concerned authority.

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Himachal Weather Whims:  Rainfall Rhythms and Snowfall Spectacles

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