Himachal Pradesh- Apples Will Be Sold in Universal Cartons in Himachal From The Next Season

Himachal Pradesh- Apples Will Be Sold in Universal Cartons in Himachal From The Next Season

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated September 23, 2023 by Diary Times

Apples will be sold in universal cartons in the state from the next apple season. Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi, in response to the discussion brought by MLA Kuldeep Rathod under Rule Sixty-One in the Assembly today, said that from the next season the telescopic Cartons will be completely closed in the Himachal Pradesh.

He said that the government did not stop telescopic Cartons this year because the gardeners had the leftover Cartons from last year. Hence, this relaxation has been given for this year to save the gardeners from losses. Jagat Singh Negi Said that if other states do not implement this system, then the government will fight for the interests of the gardeners by going to the court. He said that the universal carton will have packing of only twenty-four kilos and this rule will be strictly implemented.

The Horticulture Minister Also Said that the government has decided to buy apples on kilo basis and a fine of Rs 22 lakh has been imposed on the commission agents who violate this rule.

We said in the very beginning that this time the fruits, especially apples, will be sold in buy weight and that buy weight is only for the packaging. We relaxed this time because last year people had the old telescopic Cartons which was in double piece. In which you can fill apples up to 30-35 kg. So keeping that in mind, this time we did not introduce universal grading and universal packaging, which we will do next year.

Raising this issue, MLA Kuldeep Rathod said that some things are not clear in the decision taken by the government to sell apples on the basis of kilos.

In such a situation, gardeners are selling apples outside the state. He said that apples are being sold on the basis of kilos. There is a problem in the implementation of the rule of selling from one place to another, so my question was that to avoid this confusion and for the benefit of the gardeners, it would be necessary that we come up with a universal cartoon.

It is definitely a revolutionary decision. On the basis of kg per year and next time we will introduce universal grading curtain in the market And I think that due to this the entire situation of confusion which was there last time is completely ending.

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