Solan News- Mid-Day Meal Workers Bhoj Anji School Have Not Received Salaries For Five Months

Solan News- Mid-Day Meal Workers Bhoj Anji School Have Not Received Salaries For Five Months

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated September 23, 2023 by Diary Times

Mid-day meal workers have not received salaries for five months In Solan district, the education department has not released salaries to mid-day meal employees for the last five months.

The mid-day meal project being run to provide mid-day meal to the children in the schools of the state seems to be failing.

In Solan district, salaries have not been released to the mid-day meal employees by the education department for the last five months.

These people are forced to work without any salary.

Not only this, the school management is borrowing ration from shops for mid-day meal.

Virendra Singh Chauhan, a teacher at Bhoj Anji school in Solan, said that about eight schools come under him. Where mid day meals are being given to children on loan.

He has demanded the government to take cognizance of this matter.

He has also demanded to release the salaries of mid day meal employees. He says that if these demands are fully met If this is not done then from next month they will be unable to provide mid day meal to the children of class 1st to 8th of the school.

Our salary is not coming for the last four months.

We are facing a lot of problems.

They tell us to stop the mid day meal. How can we manage our work, our house etc. by not coming.

Since last year, it has happened to me for one and a half years that our salary has not been coming.

The problem that we are facing here is the problem of mid-day meal.

The government has not given us any budget for the last four months, nor has our mid-day meal workers.

They are not getting their salaries and my request to the Chief Minister and our Education Minister is to solve this problem and provide us the budget as soon as possible, otherwise we have also talked to our own DO sir after the first date.

We will be unable to run it.

Deputy Commissioner of Solan district said that this is a serious matter and he will soon talk to the concerned officials to find a solution to this problem.

I will talk to the department as to why there is so much delay in their economy.

I will try to brief them. What is the problem and I will find out and we will solve of this staff problems by this month.

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