Himachal News : Loss of life and property in the state due to heavy rains is sad – Jairam Thakur

Himachal News : Loss of life and property in the state due to heavy rains is sad - Jairam Thakur

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated July 10, 2023 by Diary Times

Himachal Pradesh Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur said that he is pained by the damage caused by the heavy rains in the state for the last three days and he has also appealed to the people of the state to come out of the house only if there is urgent work, otherwise their lives will be destroyed stay at home.

He said – due to continuous heavy rains for the last three days, there has been a huge loss in the entire state. Till now the information has been received that thirteen people have lost their lives, which is a very sad, sad news. To all the family members who have lost their family members. I pray to God for them, may God give strength to their women to bear.

Apart from this, huge damage has been done to many buildings, private houses and education in many places, which I think has never happened before. Last night, I had a detailed conversation with my Chief Minister.

We said that at this time, in this time of crisis, we all should come forward to help in whatever way we can to save the lives of the people of Himachal Pradesh and I have assured all kinds of cooperation. Has given to Himachal Pradesh government on behalf of his party.

Apart from this, I had a detailed talk with Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday. Respected Shah said that NDRF teams are engaged in rescue operation in Himachal Pradesh. If more is needed, they are also ready to send. Along with this, he also said that we are preparing to send helicopters of the air force to Himachal Pradesh to rescue those people who are trapped.

He had also said that if the weather is fine today, doctors will definitely be sent for the national operation. But before that I am happy that the team of NDR F was able to save the lives of those trapped in Nagawai. We have achieved success and the information I have received is that we have also succeeded in saving the lives of around thirty people who were trapped in the potato field in Manali this morning. I would like to thank the entire NDRF team and I thank you very much.

My humble condolences to all the brothers and sisters of Himachal Pradesh once again because the rain warning is going to remain for almost two more days. In such a situation, let us stay safe in our homes. You should also tell your family members about this. That too family, that too stay at home, with family.

In such a situation, there is no risk of going out because due to the rains, the rivers and drains are all on the storm. It is not known where the road will stop, it is not known from above that we will put our life in danger due to the weather. All my Himachali people like this is urged. And it is requested that you stay safe, stay in your homes.

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