Himachal Cabinet Decisions : Himachal government’s big decision for tribal people and salary of police officers also increased

Himachal Cabinet Decisions : Himachal government's big decision for tribal people and salary of police officers also increased

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated July 25, 2023 by Diary Times

Cabinet meeting which started around 12 o’clock today which was presided over by our Honorable Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu ji and in this detailed discussion was held on forty-seven items and I want to share with you the main ones.

Himachal Cabinet Decisions :

In this, a historic decision has been taken again today. This is especially for the tribal areas. In this, there is a provision to give land to the people who have less than 20 bighas of land under a Notod rule in the tribal areas for a long time.

But you will remember that when the previous government was in the Congress in 2014, it has the powers under Article 5 of the Constitution of India, which is our Governor here, using those powers under the Constitution, no breaking of tribal areas, which is first from 2014 to 16, then from 16 to 18, which is India’s Forest Conservation Act 1980, it was suspended, after suspension of which no break is to be found in tribal areas. confirmed.

But when the Bharatiya Janata Party government came to power in December 2017, they up to 18 years of the law, but out of 18 years, only one person in the entire tribal area was destroyed and then none of the others were destroyed.

It is probably the BJP, you know that their thinking is one, such a thinking in which it is the thinking of especially those people who are millionaires, who are the owners of garden land and these people of the tribes who are always villains.

In 2019, we raised the issue many times in the Tribal Council in this area in the Vidhansabha and talked about furthering this rule as it is, but they did not take forward this provision as much as they had time.

Today, I am particularly grateful to all our colleagues in my cabinet and especially to the Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu that he has again decided to repeal the Forest Conservation Act of 1980 for two years for the tribal areas.

It is a very historic decision, especially in the tribal areas, which are adjacent to the border, the people who are migrating there, this migration will also stop, because when we try to settle people above the borders, they will give land there, gardens will be made there, so people who are below the borders will not migrate to other places.

The first decision, which is today, has been specially taken. Another decision is mainly to strengthen our IJMC, which is our casualty ward here. Honorable Chief Minister has visited IJMC several times since coming to power and he decided that the casualties in our IJMC should be state of the art, should be of level 1 and today the cabinet has made one hundred and thirty-six posts for the casualty ward that we will have here. sanctioned.

With the sanction for these posts, which is now 24 into 7, our CASUALTY will be there in a better way, in which the doctors who are there continuously for twenty-four hours and the supporting staff with them, be it para medicals, other technical people, they will be available to you and we will be able to treat more people who are in casualty.

Along with this, the cabinet has decided to create a project management unit, which is here now, especially in order to strengthen our disaster management, in which there will be officers of HS rank and there will also be technical people, so that whatever plans for disaster mitigation will be presented to us here, a big decision has been taken to take immediate decisions and implement them.

Along with this, our municipal council is Nagar Panchayat and corporation is Nagar Nigam. Keeping in view the lack of efficiency in their functioning due to vacant posts, 87 posts of different categories of municipal councils and Nagar Panchayats have also been sanctioned.

Along with this, we have 7 posts of district attorney and deputy attorney, similarly 7 posts have been sanctioned today for our POSCO act, in which our child abuse act is there, so that we can follow it properly in the courts.

Along with this, the cabinet has also decided that the salary of our special police officers, which is five hundred rupees per month, has also been increased.

And along with this, the cabinet has also decided that in our municipal corporations, in municipal cases and in Nagar Panchayats, the way our families are registered in the Panchayat, this register will be maintained in which the account of death and birth will also be done in it.

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