Himachal: 57 Medicinal Plants in Danger in Himachal, Biodiversity and Traditional Health Care System are also in Trouble


Urbanization, agricultural expansion, and climate change contribute to the decline of these invaluable vegetation resources.

medicinal plants- pexels

medicinal plants- pexels

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Kumud Sharma, Diary Times, Shimla, March 02: 57 wild medicinal plant species found in Himachal Pradesh are in danger. This has been revealed in the report of Himachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Board. Endangered wild species threaten not only the region’s biodiversity but also its traditional health care systems. Urbanization, agricultural expansion, and climate change contribute to the decline of these invaluable vegetation resources.

Many medicinal plant species are being displaced by uncontrolled urban development. Agricultural expansion, often driven by demand for cash crops, degrades these ecosystems. This results in loss of biodiversity and depletion of medicinal plant stocks important for traditional healing systems. Climate change has exacerbated the problem, causing changes in rainfall patterns and temperatures critical for the growth of specific medicinal plants. Many of these species are adapted to specific altitudes and climatic conditions, making them highly sensitive to even minor environmental changes.

Over-harvesting for commercial purposes poses another threat. The increasing demand for herbal medicines, due to both traditional practices and global interest in natural remedies, places enormous pressure on wild populations. Unregulated deforestation can lead to depletion of these plants. Local ecosystems may be disrupted, threatening the sustainability of medicinal plant resources.

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These species are in danger –

According to the report of Himachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Board, found in forest areas are Mohra, Atis, Meetha Telia, Chora, Ratanjot, Jharka, Kashmal, Bhoj, Black Cumin, Tejpatta, Suranjan Kadvi, Salaam Panja, Salparni, Stone Clove, Shingli Mingli. , Somlata, Kakoli, Kukati, Jeevak, Rishbak and Khuraini Ajwain are endangered. Apart from these, Basant, Juffa, Hubar, Dhoop, Kshir Kakori, Vridhi, Ridhi, Jatamanshi, Gaujwan, Tatpalanga, Dudhiya Bach, Karu, Salam Mishri, Revand Chini, Brahma Kamal, Bhootkesi, Ner Dhoop, Chauratya, Lodh, Birmi, Prashnaparni and The forests of Timaru include rare species.

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