Chamba News- Vishwakarma Award Awarded Sculptor Gulshan Chandra Along with Four Colleagues Reached his Home Area Chamba – Welcomed by Family and People

Chamba News- Vishwakarma Award Awarded Sculptor Gulshan Chandra Along with Four Colleagues Reached his Home Area Chamba - Welcomed by Family and People

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated September 19, 2023 by Diary Times

Sculptor Gulshan Chandra, honored with the Vishwakarma Award by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, received a grand welcome on reaching his home district Chamba today.
When sculptor Gulshan Chandra along with his four other companions reached Chamba, his family members and local people welcomed him with flower garlands.

Gulshan Chandra expressed happiness over receiving the Vishwakarma Award at the national level in Chamba Slipper Craft.

The Prime Minister also thanked Narendra Modi for honoring Chamba Chappal by giving him preference.

He said that he has been associated with Chamba sandal craftsmanship for the last twenty-five years.

He said that Chamba slippers are a unique example of craftsmanship.

Chamba slippers made of leather and silk threads are not only attractive to look at but are also very comfortable to wear. Many craftsmen like him prepare them with their own hands with full hard work. He told the people associated with the manufacturing of Chamba slippers. Also called for taking this craft forward further.

I have been associated with Chamba Chappal business for twenty-five years.

Because of which I got this award
I am feeling very good about Chamba slippers, there are many crafts of Chamba in which many people are associated, like Chamba plate, Chamba handkerchief, Chamba wood craft, Chamba painting, many people are associated with all these and I am grateful to the Prime Minister for awarding Chamba slippers only. Leather is used in it, silk and teala are all used in it. The silk embroidery in it is done by women. Which is completely made by hand. I want Chamba Chappal to get more promotion and its quality which is yours should spread all over the world. It is much needed by the Prime Minister by declaring the artisan of Chamba Chappal an award. Have taken it to great heights. I thank him for this. I want other people to work with the same dedication and maintain the quality of Chamba Chappal, then this Chamba Chappal can go far ahead. .

Leather Craft Society President Vishal Kayastha said that craftsmen from different areas across the country were invited to Delhi. And five craftsmen associated with Chamba Chappal also participated in this program under the leadership of craftsman Gulshan Chandra. According to him, it was a lot of hard work. It is the work of and the craftsmen of Chamba have been preserving this craftsmanship for years.

Our five artisans were recently invited by the District Industries Center to Delhi on the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday and the artisans from all over the country had come from different states and they were honored by Prime Minister Modi. So what we have are these five artisans, one of whom is Gulshan Chandra ji, Vishwajeet Chandra ji, Pankaj Suraj ji and this is our Kishore ji and this Suraj ji, these five artisans became and they who are now Prime Minister Modi ji. Has been honored by and this is a big day for Chamba Chappal that they have been honored, so we express our gratitude to Prime Minister Modi ji for this.

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