Top 10 Famous Dishes of Gujrat ? Culture and Tradition of Gujarat in 2023 ?

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Overview of Gujarat.

  1. History of Gujarat.
  2. People of Gujarat.
  3. Dance and Music of Gujarat–
  4. Costumes and Traditional Dress of Gujarat –
  5. Interesting facts about Gujarat-
  6. Frequently asked question

Namaste…Kem Chho

Overview of Gujarat-

A state known for its rich unique culture which is surrounded by the borders of Rajasthan,
Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh who all ruled during the 700’s era. The state is the main centre
of Indus valley civilisation. The state is non another Gujarat ‘The Jewel of Western India’.
The state is located in the western coast of India. It is one of the 5th largest states of the
country. Gujarat has its own culture, traditions and history. In terms of population also
Gujarat is the 9 th populated state of India.

The culture of Gujarat no doubt is one of the most
amazing and the richest one among all the 4other states in India. There are several other
places to visit in Gujarat such as Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and many more.
Now, to understand the culture and tradition of Gujarat let’s dive into the various different
aspects of the state and the personality of people living out there.

History of Gujarat-

The structure and historical monuments of Gujarat makes the state more attractive and at the
same time an eye-catching place. Apart from its culture, traditions and festivals there are
several other brilliant buildings like the Naulakha palace, Mhala Palace, Vijay Vilas Palace
which are all considered as the main legacy of Gujarat.

Well, we all know that Gujarat is a place with all vibrant colourful Vibes and at the same the
culture diversity of this state makes it an integral part of India culture. Despite of its art,
culture, vibes Gujarat still anyhow has preserve it’s ancient past historical stories.

People of Gujarat-

The people of Gujarat are called as ‘Gujarati’. The ethnic group of Gujarat are consist of
Hindus, Muslim and Jain. Apart from all these three populations the rest of the population
includes the bhil tribe.

Dance and Music of Gujarat-

Music is one of the most important contributions in the culture of Gujarat. The legendary
musicians shri baiju bawra and tana Riri also belong from Gujarat. Gujarat has a pure form of
charasns and folk music, and apart from it’s classical and folk music Gujrat has several other
folk instruments such as the Jantar, bungal, turi and many more.

One of the most famous dance styles of Gujarat is Garba. This dance form is one of the most
energetic dance forms and also a major highlight in the celebration of Navratri in Gujarat.
Along with that there are also other dance forms which are also quite famous in Gujarat such
as Dandiya Raas, Bhavai, Tippani are all popular folk-dance forms in Gujarat.

Costumes and Traditional Dress of Gujarat-

Costumes and traditional dress of Gujarat are the most irreplaceable part of Gujarat culture.
The block print, tie dye design, zari work and the silk woven saree are all the reflects the long
back culture and heritage of Gujarat. The women’s in Gujarat usually wear Abhas which is an
tradition wear of Kutch and talking about the festive season of Gujarat like Navratri women
use to wear Chaniya Cholis and on the other hand men wear a dress which ia called by the
name of Kedia.

Fair and festivals of GujaratGujarat is also called by the name of ‘The land of Fairs and Festivals’ as the state celebrates
almost around 3500 festivals and fairs in Gujarat each and every year.

• Kite Festival:
This festival in Gujarat and all over India is celebrated in the month of January on 14th
January every year. The kite festival usually celebrated together with Uttarayan. It is also
known as that this festival is also terminate the winter season. A day before the Kite Festival,
the experts prepare thousands of kites and threads which are used to fly the kites.

• Bhavnath Festival:

The Bhavnath Temple is celebrated every year in the month February for the perfect 5 days
during the time of mahashivratri. The Temple of bhavnath is situated at the base of girnar hill
in the district Gujarat. During the time of midnight, the mahapooja take place of God shiv jii
at this temple on the 14th day of dark half of magh month.

• Kutch Utsav:
The Kutch Utsav Festival celebrate in order to promote the tourism in the Kutch district of
Gujarat. During this whole festival the guest are taken for a tour of total 6 days. There they
get chance to witness a wide verity of sights and many historical towns, vibrant personality
and outstanding handicrafts for the visitors out there.

• Navratri:
One of the most important festival and vibrant festival of Gujarat. This festival is celebrated
for proper nine day with full joy and happiness. During this festival in Gujarat people all
together gather to perform pooja to all nine different forms of god. The pooja is performed
usually every night and the 9 nights are totally divided into 3 sections.

  1. The first is Maa Durga.
  2. The second is for Maa Lakshmi.
  3. The third last open is for Maa Saraswati.
    Famous Gujarati Culture Food-

How can someone miss the famous dhokla, khandvi, fafda, thepla of Gujarat. Well, dresses
and food are the most important part of the culture of Gujarat and the best part id that half of
the population in Gujarat are pure vegetarian.

The flavours of Gujaratis dishes are just mouth-watering which is all blend into full spicy
masala with a touch of sweet and sour. Gujarati thali is something which everyone should try
which include dal, roti, rice , vegetable, salad, farsan, chaas which is later on also followed
up by sweet Gujarati dessert.
Interesting fact about Gujarat-

  1. The main occupation of people of Gujarat is agriculture.
  2. One half of the population in Gujarat is engaged in occupation of agriculture.
    ConclusionHere is the best of Nagaland ‘The Land of Tribes’ to help you plan a beautiful and fun trip.
    One must visit to this exciting place. No doubt, Nagaland is going to be a great treat to the
    eyes and for all those who wanted to visit one of the vibrant state in India and yes, for sure
    Manipur is never going to disappoint you. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. What is art and culture of Gujarat?
  4. Dance, music, and other art forms are a huge part of Gujarat culture and heritage.
  5. What is the main festival of Gujarat?
  6. Navratri.
  7. Which is the cultural city of Gujarat?
  8. Ahmedabad.
  9. What is the cultural dance of Gujarat?
  10. Garbi and Raas.
  11. What is famous in Gujarat to gift?
  12. The vibrant state of Gujarat is particularly known for its Bandhini dress materials, sarees,
    dupattas and other products.

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