Top 10 Dishes of Nagaland | Culture and Tradition of Nagaland in 2023?

  • Overview
  • What is Naga Culture famous for?
  • Culture & traditions of Nagaland –
  • Dance anD Music of ‘the lanD of tribe’ –
  • Costumes and Traditional Dress of Nagaland –
  • Frequently asked question
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‘the lanD of tribe’

Overview –

The land of rich diversity, culture, language, religion, people and culture and tradition known
as the land of tribes ‘Nagaland’. It is mainly popular for its cane products, wood craving,
metal work, jewellery and bamboo art.
The land of long ancient history of tribes with different languages, dress code, eating habits
and various traditional laws. The state is regarded as the most Baptist state in the world as
75% of it is dominated by them.

Naga Culture known for?

Well, Nagaland is famous for its cultural diversity, rich flora and fauna not forgetting about
the beautiful birds to which this place is their real home. There’s a long story behind the
warriors of the Nagaland.

The vast traditions and loyalty play a very important role in the Naga society of Nagaland.
Festivals are the main stay of the Naga society. The interesting fact about this place is that
this place has no written history, the state has only its name in the medieval era.

Why to Visit Nagaland?

This place is a heaven on earth. The place is a life time experience holiday with great heritage
sites, rich culture, wildlife, all local festival, delicious cuisine, beautiful handicrafts and best
shopping culture and many more.

Culture & traditions of Nagaland –

The majority people of Nagaland follow the chrisanity religion. The people of Nagaland
lives at the top of the hills and the houses of these people are made up with stone walls and
with a heavy wooden gate. The culture and tradition of Nagaland includes many features such
as head hunting, a trial marriage, freedom of intercourse between different sex and many
more and the main part is all these traditional and culture are quite common between all of
There is no such type of any particular caste system among the people of Nagaland.

Dance anD Music of ‘the lanD of tribe’ –

As we known Nagaland is a land of all the tribes, and all these tribal community has a unique
style from all the other states of India. Like Zeliang dance, fly dance, cricket dance or cock
dance are some of the most famous dance styles of Nagaland. All these dance forms are
performed during the celebration of the festivals and mainly dominated by the male members
of the tribal community.

All these tribal community people use their musical instrument through which it reflects the
culture and traditional of the state. All these music instrument and the music is based on the
wide variety of theme and it talks about the stories of bravery, motivation, romance and allimportant historical events.

The tribal dance of Nagaland depicts the story of the rich heritage of Nagaland. Among all
the different types of dance forms War Dance is one of the most famous dance forms in

Costumes and Traditional Dress of Nagaland –

All the traditional dress of Nagaland are a lot different from other states of India. All the
dress that people of Nagaland wear are lot more vibrant and colourful than other states. One
of the most important dresses item which usually famous in Nagaland is ‘shawls’ The
beautiful vibrant colour shawls are one of the most popular form of traditional dress in

Different types of Dress form of Nagaland:

  • Alungstu – This is worn by all the rich men of the place; it mainly reflects the prosperity
    and success of people.
  • Kilt – A another dress that is usually wore by women in Nagaland. This is usually come in
    black in colour. The cowries designed on top of the kilt are quite popular amongst the
    Nagaland people and are a symbol of the success of the wearer in love as well as in war.
  • Tourism of Nagaland –

Nagaland is a truly a visit destination with a full of beauty and a lot of adventure. The tourist
places in Nagaland attracts people and offer them with all top places to visit and a tour in
some of the most popular travel destination in Nagaland.
Popular places to visit in Nagaland –

  • The Kohima War Cemetery.
  • The Nagaland State Museum.
  • Phek.
  • The Japfu Peak, Kohima.
  • The Dzukou Valley in Kohima.
    Popular Cuisine of Nagaland –
    Apart from its scenic beauty and greenery Nagaland is also famous for it’s attraction of food
    as well. Being one of the most important yet a beautiful state of north eastern part of India
    which offers a wide varieties of all the authentic delicious and flavourful dishes.
    Nagaland food is mainly consist of meat and fish which is often get dried up and after that
    people of Nagaland they tend to boiled the organic leaves on their plates and mostly prefer
    having spicy food.

  • Success Stories of Nagaland –

Noune Kro Shg – was mainly formed in the year 2008 with almost 15 women at a village
called by the name of jharnapani village which was started by selling all new clothes, tea
leaves production but later on it moved on to be a fibre production industry.
Generally, all the banana leave or pineapple leaves are all generally disposed off after the
harvesting the fruit they are now utilised in the fibre production of the industry. The new and
creative technology of Nagaland was mainly introduced to Nagaland.

interesting fact about ‘the lanD of geMs’ –

  1. Nagaland is known as ‘The Falcon Capital of The World’.
  2. Nagaland is considered as the land of festival.
  3. The land is the house of almost 66 tribes out of which 16 is the main tribes.
    ConclusionHere is the best of Nagaland ‘The Land of Tribes’ to help you plan a beautiful and fun trip.
    One must visit to this exciting place. No doubt, Nagaland is going to be a great treat to the
    eyes and for all those who wanted to visit one of the vibrant state in India and yes, for sure
    Manipur is never going to disappoint you. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. What is the lifestyle of Nagaland people?
  5. All the tribes celebrate their own distinct festivals with dance and music. The most
    important festivals celebrated in the state include Sekrenyi, Moatsu Mong,
  6. What is the main tribe of Nagaland?
  7. One of the major tribal communities of Nagaland is the Angami Tribe.
  8. Which food is famous in Nagaland?
  9. Dishes like Zutho, Bamboo shoot, Bushmeat, Hinkejvu, Samathu, Fish in Bamboo, Akini,
    Aikibeye, Black Sticky rice pudding and Axone

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