People upset due to huge jump in tomato prices – farmers happy

People upset due to huge jump in tomato prices – farmers happy

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated July 7, 2023 by Diary Times

Even though people are upset due to the high prices of tomatoes and the taste of their food has also decreased. But this high price of tomatoes has also brought happiness to the farmers.

These days the tomato crop is fully ready in the hilly areas of Chamba district and the tomatoes are being sold at Rs 12 to 1300 per carat from the farmer’s fields itself. This is no place for the happiness of the farmers because for the last many years they are facing problems in the corner of tomatoes. Only corner prices were available.

Farmers say that even though the tomato crop has decreased this time, but despite this they are getting better prices. They say that better prices will motivate more farmers to plant tomatoes in the coming years.

He told – this time that we have cultivated tomatoes, there is not that much increase in tomato crop. But we are very happy this time. We have only one reason for happiness that our tomato crate is going at the rate of thousand twelve hundred thirteen hundred rupees per crate.

We are getting very good prices in the markets, due to which we are all happy. The whole family works hard throughout the year. Our villagers are also with us. The farmers who have also cultivated tomatoes. There is a lot of happiness among the people. Because last time our tomato tomatoes were sold at a very low price, due to which we were very disappointed last time. But this time we are very happy because we got very good rates. So we thank the government for this that the government has thought about the farmers this time and we have got a lot of profit.

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