Kangra News – Laser Show Organized At International Cricket Stadium, Dharamshala

Kangra News - Laser Show Organized At International Cricket Stadium, Dharamshala

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated September 28, 2023 by Diary Times

Laser show organized at International Cricket Stadium, Dharamshala,
ICC ODI Cricket World Cup trophy unveiled.

A laser show was organized at the international cricket stadium in Dharamshala. In this program, IPL President Arun Dhumal, HPCA President RP Singh and Secretary Avnish Parmar unveiled the ICC ODI World Trophy in a grand program.

During this, fireworks were done in the stadium. Indian cricket team members Rishi Dhawan and Sushma Verma also participated in this program.

Arun Dhumal has said that these five matches will be played in Dharamshala during the One Day World Cup and after a long gap of twelve years, Dharamshala has got the hosting of one day matches. He told that during this period teams from seven countries will play. Arun Dhumal Expressed gratitude to ICC and BCCI for hosting day matches during the World Cup.

ICC’s mister trade and Varun handed over the World Cup trophy to HPCA officials, during which traditional Gaddi dance was also organised.

It was planned in this way because Himachal is known as a tourism state. In the whole country, in the whole world, our effort was that there cannot be a better opportunity than this for Himachal. The day this World Cup trophy will be presented here. On the day of hearing, a message should be sent to the whole world that the world’s most beautiful state, Himachal, has got this opportunity.

Our mantra to the entire world for organizing world matches is that let’s visit Himachal once and we are showing the beauty of Himachal with the thrill of cricket. It is really something that will make you think about how life can be lived and how it can be lived. It gives inspiration for that.

If you win, you get a chance to move ahead and women get a chance to learn. That is why I said that sports is an integral part of education because what is the basic mantra of education Preparing you for life. Unless we make sports an integral part of it, we will not be able to do planned development of the young generation.

The aim of this was that we can connect our youth with it and our good fortune has also come. The youth of the country must do good, the youth of the state must do good, not only here, in the entire state, if the basic dancer has been created for cricket And this is the reason why the Himachal team used to win the Vijay Hazare Trophy in one and a half days.

We became the champions in that and after that in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, we kept on becoming champions in that too. On the last ball, we lost to Mumbai from this team.

Were coming otherwise we probably also used to learn Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy. So if we have got this opportunity for our youth to showcase their talent in the whole country then it is because of the infrastructure.

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