IPhone 16 Will Come With Made In India Battery: Apple Expressed More Confidence In Indian Component Suppliers As Well As Made In India Battery Over China.


Apple has decided to install Made in India batteries for its latest generation iPhone Series 16. Due to which Apple Company has issued a notification to its associate component supplier Chinese battery manufacturer company Desay SV Battery to start new factories in India. Along with this, Apple Company has also issued a notification to its associate Taiwanese battery suppliers company Simplo Technology, saying that in the coming years, it will start new factories in India to expand its production unit for on-time delivery of Indian Apple production orders. Has been asked for. Senior officials of Apple Company in India have informed Diary Times about the opening of two new battery factories of Apple Company.

IPhone 16 Will Come With Made In India Battery

IPhone 16 Will Come With Made In India Battery

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By Diary Times Bureau, Shimla, December 7, 2023

Shimla – Indian senior officials associated with the Apple company said that if the supply of batteries from Indian component suppliers for the new series of the upcoming iPhone 16 is found to be of better standards, then the Apple company will increase the purchase of Made in India batteries. Has been issued. Apple company has expressed its confidence in India to globalize the supplier chain of its iPhone 16 series batteries and reduce its dependence on Chinese batteries. Along with this, Apple company has issued a notification to the component suppliers of iPhone 16 series batteries in Asian countries like India and Vietnam to increase production as well as scale up the supplier chain. On the other hand, by reducing self-reliance from China, Apple is The company is making efforts to bring all the global markets to India.

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Apple company will start battery manufacturing factory in Haryana state of India from the year 2025 – Government of India’s Electronics and IT Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar told Diary Times that the Japanese company TDK, an associate component supplier of Apple Company, is setting up its manufacturing unit of its factory in an area of 180 acres of vacant land in the Industrial Sector Manesar of Haryana state of India. The installation work has been started. Preparations for manufacturing of iPhone 16 series batteries have been started in the manufacturing unit of the factory to be built in Manesar, Haryana. On the other hand, Japanese company TDK, an associate component supplier of Apple Company, said that the construction work of the factory unit to be built in Manesar, Haryana state of India has been started. Manufacturing of iPhone 16 batteries will be started from 2025 in Manesar Industrial Sector of Haryana state of India.

According to the report of Counterpoint Research, the market value of Apple company is giving competition to Samsung by selling less mobile phones –

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Data Source : Counterpoint Research

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