International Day Of Education 2023 ?

  • 24TH JANUARY 2019
  • 24TH JANUARY 2020
  • 24TH JANUARY 2021
  • 24TH JANUARY 2022
  • 24TH JANUARY 2023
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Education is one of the basic needs in today’s world. Every child born on this planet has the right to education. The right to education is preserved in article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education is the key to fulfilling one’s dream, the key to bringing change for the better, thus every individual born on the planet has the right to education.

24th January is celebrated as International Day of Education, every year. It aims to remind the importance of education. It is also known as World Education Day.

United Nation General Assembly, on 3rd December 2018, adopted the resolution to signify 24th January as the International Day of Education. This day celebrates the importance of education in bringing peace and development.

The first International Education Day was celebrated on 24th January 2019.


Every year a theme is selected by the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) for the International Day of Education, on which all the countries which are part of UNGA work toward it.

24th JANUARY 2019

On this day, the International Day of Education was first time celebrated. The theme was,

Education: A Key Driver for Inclusion and Empowerment”.

This theme highlights the power of educated. As education helps to gain knowledge and use it to bring change for the better. This theme also highlights the ability to achieve greatness and help others by being educated.

24th JANUARY 2020

The theme for the International Day of Education was,

“Learning for people, planet, prosperity, and peace”.

This theme highlights the unified nature of education, its human-center aims, as well as its gravity towards our collective development ambition. In other words, the theme is about the effect of education on people, their surroundings, and their environment.


The theme for the International Day of Education was,

“Education is a human right, a public good, and a public responsibility”.

This then highlights the right to education for every individual born on the planet. This theme tells that education is for the public and also the responsibility of the public to let everyone get educated.


The theme for the International Day of Education was,

“Changing course, Transforming education.”

This year the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) along with United Nations General Assembly, brought transformation in the education system for better learning for children. This theme highlights the different ways of learning adopted and the change it causes in children.

24th JANUARY 2023

This year’s theme for International Day of Education is,

“To invest in people, priorities education”.

This theme highlights, that as with increasing career scopes in today’s world, investment should be made in every child according to his ability and dream and priorities education for the fulfillment of one’s dream.


Education is the basic right for every individual on this planet, everyone must be educated, as it not only helps in improving the individual but also helps towards the country’s development as well as the development of the planet. The developing world and the invention of new technologies are adding towards proving education to every part of the planet easily. It’s the government as well as the public duty to let every individual get educated.


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