HP Political Crisis: Sukhvinder Sukhu will remain on the post of CM, Vikramaditya Singh withdrew his resignation.


HP Political Crisis: Sukhwinder Sukhu will remain on the post of CM, Vikramaditya Singh withdrew his resignation.

CM and other ministers were present in the joint press conference. - Photo: Diary Times

CM and other ministers were present in the joint press conference. - Photo: Diary Times

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Himachal Pradesh Political Crisis Live Updates News in English: Amidst the political turmoil in Himachal Pradesh, the Chief Minister served breakfast to Congress MLAs and ministers at his official residence. Vikramaditya Singh did not attend. Six rebel MLAs have been disqualified. Read moment-to-moment updates here

If Congress had majority then division of vote would not have been done in the assembly: Jairam

Leader of Opposition of Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur said how political developments have taken place in a state like Devbhoomi Himachal. If Congress had the majority, then why was the division of vote that we had asked for on the financial bill in the Assembly not given?

There was a conspiracy for my resignation: CM Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that what happened after the Rajya Sabha elections has led to many speculations that the Himachal Pradesh government is going to fall. The news of my own resignation came to me, this news was being spread as part of a conspiracy so that our numbers would reduce at the time of voting. He asked, “Which majority is the BJP talking about?… Marshall was misbehaved by 15 MLAs for which he was expelled.” No one had expelled the nine MLAs, so why had they not come inside. We have run the government honestly. Our government will definitely run in Himachal Pradesh. Pratibha Singh said that party workers have to work unitedly for victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

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Congress Party observers DK Shivkumar and Bhupendra Singh Hooda said in the press conference that Sukhvinder Sukhu will remain on the post of Chief Minister. The Congress government will last for five years. A six-member coordination committee will be formed for coordination between the government and the organization. It will include Congress State President, Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and other members. The party will work unitedly to win the Lok Sabha elections. Observers said minister Vikramaditya Singh has withdrawn his resignation. CM Sukhvindra Sukhu, Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri, Minister Vikramaditya Singh, Pratibha Singh and other ministers were also present in the press conference. Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that the party regrets losing the seat in the Rajya Sabha elections. Talks have been held with party MLAs and a consensus has been reached regarding this. All the MLAs are united.

Party’s state in-charge Rajeev Shukla said, everything is fine in the party. The government is completely stable. DK Shivkumar reached Oak Over with Vikramaditya Singh and Pratibha Singh. Ministers Harsh Vardhan and Yadvinder Goma have left for the Secretariat from the CM residence. Cabinet meeting has been called at five o’clock.

Everything has gone well in the state: DK Shivakumar

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and Observer DK Shivakumar said that everything is fine in the state, the state government will remain in power for five years. All the MLAs have been talked to one by one. The entire party is united. He said that all issues have been resolved through talks.

After the meeting of Congress MLAs, Minister Vikramaditya Singh and Congress State President Pratibha Singh have reached the official residence of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu. Before this, both of them went to the hotel and met supervisors DK Shivkumar and Bhupesh Baghel. Vikramaditya Singh was not present during the morning breakfast given by the CM to the MLAs and ministers. Apart from the Assembly Speaker, all the 33 Congress MLAs including the Chief Minister were present at the Chief Minister’s residence.

Congress Legislature Party meeting with observers in Oakover

Congress Legislature Party along with observers is being organized at Oakover in Shimla. The future strategy will be decided in the meeting. Vikramaditya Singh did not attend the meeting. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri and ministers and MLAs are present in the meeting.

Congress has lost its trust among the public: Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajiv Bindal said in a press conference in Shimla that the Rajya Sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh is a big event in the history of Himachal. In this, Harsh Mahajan has been elected from Bharatiya Janata Party and his election is a big political event in the state. Bindal said that the present Congress party government in the state has lost its moral basis to remain in power. State President Bindal said that the government currently running under the leadership of Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu was the government with a huge majority, but due to tie-up on 34-34 votes, the present government has lost the right to remain in power by any means. Is. Said that the performance of the present government in the last one year and two months is completely disappointing.

There was haste in suspension of rebel MLAs, there will be loss in Lok Sabha elections: Pratibha

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee President Pratibha Singh said that the suspension of the MLAs has been hasty. He said that the Congress party will suffer loss in the Lok Sabha elections. Talking to journalists at Holly Lodge, Pratibha Singh said that the six MLAs who are angry are justified. He should have been made to sit and his views should have been heard. I have also put things before the high command. The matter has been placed before the observers yesterday also. He said that the situation that has arisen today has been put before the high command several times. He said that Virbhadra Singh had a huge political legacy. What he wanted and what is happening, all these things have been placed before the high command. The party high command has to decide what to do next. Pratibha Singh said that Vikramaditya Singh has resigned from the post of minister and he is still holding on to it.

How many MLAs does which party have?

At present there are 62 out of 68 members left in Himachal Pradesh Assembly. Of these, Congress has 34, BJP 25 and three independent MLAs. Independent MLAs have supported BJP in the election of Rajya Sabha member. Even if he remains with BJP, BJP will have 28 members. That means the Congress government currently has the majority. To remain in the state government, 32 MLAs are required.

Had the MLAs been listened to, this situation would not have happened today: Pratibha

On the cancellation of membership of six Congress MLAs, Himachal Congress chief and MP Pratibha Singh said, “When it has been more than a year since you (Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu), still you are not taking cognizance of their issues, they are not talking.” If they are listening then it is justifiable for them to be angry. If they had made them sit and talked to them then this situation would not have happened today…”

Rebel MLAs will go to court, Congress legislature party meeting in Oakover

At the same time, Sudhir Sharma has said that he will challenge the decision of canceling the membership in the court. On Wednesday 28th February, we came to the Assembly House and also signed the register. He said that the Speaker himself did not come to the House for one and a half hours. We did not receive any notice, only one member received it. We don’t do politics out of fear. It is certain that the government will act in the interest of the state. The government is in minority. At the same time, the Assembly Speaker said that he signed the register. He gets a daily allowance of Rs 5000 per day. But despite issuing a whip while presenting the Finance Bill in the House, six Congress MLAs did not turn up. Therefore action was taken. On the other hand, the Himachal Cabinet meeting has now been postponed till after 5:00 pm. Right now Congress meeting is going on in Oakover. But Vikramaditya has not reached the meeting. Party observers are also present in the meeting.

Vikramaditya Singh said this on canceling the membership of six MLAs

Membership of six MLAs should be cancelled, but Minister Vikramaditya Singh said that it is not appropriate for me to say anything on this right now. Our observers have come here, they have looked at the situation and then the Speaker has taken the decision. Therefore it is not appropriate for me to say anything on this. On resignation, he said that the matter has been brought to the notice of the high command. Negotiations are going on. The supervisors are here and they are trying to fix everything. We will talk to them.

BJP MLAs meeting begins in Shimla

Meanwhile, after the decision on rebel MLAs, a meeting of BJP MLAs has started at Hotel Marina in Shimla. The future strategy will be decided in the meeting. There is a possibility of a big decision being taken.

Pathania said that this order will be the subject of judicial inquiry. The MLAs were informed about the decision. He has been WhatsApped. Said that they have to look into the matter of Aaya Ram and Gaya Ram or the situation of buying and selling. The names of MLAs disqualified include Rajendra Rana, Sudhir Sharma, Ravi Thakur, Devendra Kumar Bhutto, Indradutt Lakhanpal and Chaitanya Sharma. The Speaker has given a detailed decision of 30 pages.

Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania said that six MLAs have been disqualified under the anti-defection law. Now he is no longer a member of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Pathania pronounced this decision as the chairman of the tribunal. All six rebel MLAs have been expelled from the House under the anti-defection law. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan had given a petition to the Assembly Secretariat under the anti-defection law against six MLAs. These MLAs contested the elections from the Congress party, but violated the provisions of the anti-defection law in the House. After this the petitioners and respondents were heard. The hearing started at 4 o’clock on Wednesday and continued till 6 o’clock. In this, the senior advocate on behalf of the rebel MLAs said that time should be given. He was told that it was a matter of record. Six MLAs were not present while passing the budget. Now he has been disqualified from the post of member of the Legislative Assembly. Now he is not a member of the House.

There is no compromise with people’s rights: Rajendra Rana

At the same time, rebel MLA Rajendra Rana wrote in a post on social media – Maintaining relationships is our identity, if relationships remain intact then there is respect, there is no compromise with the rights of the people, why our self-respect is always firm.

HP Political Crisis: Sukhwinder Sukhu will remain on the post of CM, Vikramaditya Singh withdrew his resignation.

Amidst the political turmoil in Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu served breakfast to Congress MLAs and ministers on Thursday morning at his official residence. However, Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh did not arrive for the break fast. It is being told that he is holding a meeting with his supporters at Hollyodge. The future strategy will be decided in the meeting.

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