Holika Dahan -24 March 2024: Timings and Rituals


May the fire from the Holika Dahan burn away all the negativity from everyones life bringing joy and prosperity. Happy Holika Dahan!

Holika Dahan – 24 March 2024

Holika Dahan – 24 March 2024

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Reported & Written By Kumud Sharma, Diary Times, Shimla, March 24: Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi, is celebrated every year on the eve of Holi to commemorate the death of the demon Holika, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. In the year 2024, Holika Dahan is on Sunday, March 24 and Holi Dhuredi is on Monday, March 25. According to Hindu scriptures, Holika Dahan should be performed during Pradosh Kaal when Purnima Tithi prevails.

On Sunday, March 24, sunrise will be at 06:30 am and sunset will be at 06:35 pm. Purnima Tithi starts at 09:55 AM on Sunday, March 24 and ends at 12:30 PM the next day. Holika Dahan Muhurat starts at 06:35 PM and ends at 08:58 PM.

The unfavorable period called Bhadra or Vishti occurs during the full moon date, during which it is advisable to avoid starting any auspicious endeavour. However, a specific interval within Bhadra, called Bhadra Punchha, is suitable for conducting auspicious activities, while it is mandatory to avoid Bhadra Mukha period altogether. Bhadra Mukha is from 07:53 PM to 10:06 PM, while Bhadra Punchha will start from 06:33 PM and end by 07:53 PM.

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Holika Dahan originates from the legends of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu made everyone worship him as God. But, his son Prahlad, who was a loyal devotee of Lord Vishnu, refused to do so. Enraged Hiranyakashipu planned to kill his son Prahlad. After failing in several attempts, Hiranyakashipu sought the help of his sister Holika, a demon who was immune to fire. Holika enters the fire with the intention of killing Prahlad. But to everyone’s surprise, Holika loses her power, gets burnt by the fire and is destroyed, while Prahlad escapes safely due to the protection of Lord Vishnu.

On Holika Dahan, pyres of wood are made and effigies of Holika and Prahlad are placed on top of the pile, which is then set on fire. Holika is made of combustible materials, while Prahlad is made of non-combustible materials. As the flames rise from the pyre, devotees across the world celebrate Holika Dahan to commemorate the death of the demon, symbolizing once again the victory of good over evil.

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May the fire from the Holika Dahan burn away all the negativity from everyones life bringing joy and prosperity. Happy Holika Dahan!

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