Himachal Pradesh BJP Will Encircle the Assembly Tomorrow in Shimla- Rajeev Bindal

Himachal Pradesh BJP Will Encircle the Assembly Tomorrow in Shimla- Rajeev Bindal

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated September 24, 2023 by Diary Times

Himachal Pradesh BJP has decided to encirclement the Assembly in Shimla tomorrow on 25th September on various issues. The party says that during this encirclement, issues like deteriorating law and order situation in the state, closure of institutions, inflation and unemployment will be raised. BJP Himachal Pradesh President Rajeev Bindal told a press conference in Shimla that at the time of elections, Congress had given ten guarantees to the public, which the government has failed to fulfill. He said that the law and order situation in the state has broken down and due to lack of employment, unemployed people are living on the streets .

This government is constantly retreating from the way it was promised to provide jobs, we will provide one lakh jobs in the first cabinet, here the work of removing people from jobs is going on, those unemployed people who had got small jobs are sitting on the streets like this. The sisters are also sitting and waiting to see when we will get some more relief and how the public should be served in the disaster. The way people expected from the government, they did not fulfill that expectation and in that too brothers. Even today, people are being deceived in the name of nepotism and in every Panchayat and in many places in the name of relief. On all these issues and from 10 am on the 25th, we and Under the leadership of respected Jairam Thakur ji, we all will move this protest.

On the other hand, opposition leader Jairam Thakur has also termed the ten-month tenure of the Congress government as a complete failure. He opposed the proposal of ten-fold increase in stamp duty in the Assembly and said that it will put an economic burden on the poor.

This increase through stamp duty is very high, it is exorbitant. We were saying that we will never take this increase above 5 percent. 10 percent increase action is being taken immediately. That is why we said that we are opposing it when The minister directly moved the amendment and after moving it, when I put it for voting in front of the house for its introduction and as it was put for voting, there were nineteen nay-sayers in our favour from the Bharatiya Janata Party and nine who voted yes. Seventeen were for the Congress. So according to this, this bill would have fallen without the introduction and after that we had asked for a handwritten provision. We had said that we should give a dividend in this but before giving the dividend, there The Congress leaders created a ruckus, which is unfortunate and is the system of a house, once the voting has been done, they are presenting it for voting again with a speech. A bill is passed twice in the same day But there is no provision for voting.

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