Himachal Breaking: Himachal Assembly Complex Became Police Cantonment, Congress And BJP Supporters Clashed, Barricades Broke


CM Sukhu asked Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania to take strict action against those dancing inside the House. He said that BJP has disrupted the proceedings of the Assembly. BJP candidate won by toss.

Police cantonment became assembly complex - Photo: Diary Times

Police cantonment became assembly complex - Photo: Diary Times

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There was a huge uproar outside the Himachal Pradesh Assembly complex on Wednesday. The atmosphere became even more tense as soon as the cross-voting MLAs reached here. Supporters of BJP and Congress became furious at the gate. There was also a scuffle between them. Despite police deployment in large numbers, the supporters broke the barricades and raised slogans. Congress MLAs who cross-voted were surrounded by Congress supporters. The supporters were adamant on taking him out of the car. However, the CRPF personnel did not allow the MLAs to come out of the vehicles. After a lot of struggle, these MLAs were brought inside the assembly. All these 9 MLAs reached Anadale by helicopter from Panchkula. Sloganeering continued outside.

2,500 police forces are deployed

There was an uproar inside the House on Wednesday between the ruling party and the opposition. The outside premises was transformed into a police cantonment. Police forces were deployed all around. No one was being allowed to enter the premises without a pass. All four doors were closed. Only the gate towards the wide field was kept for entry and exit. About two and a half thousand police forces were deployed.

Angry MLAs talked to Sonia Gandhi

There is talk that the angry MLAs also talked to former National Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi. During this, MLAs expressed his displeasure by narrating his incident to Gandhi. However, no one is confirming this.

BJP welcomed those who did cross voting in the House

As soon as they entered the Assembly House, opposition leader Jairam Thakur, senior BJP MLA Vipin Singh Parmar and other BJP MLAs welcomed the cross-voting MLAs.

Jairam is hungry for power, action should be taken against those who commit hooliganism: Sukhu

Before the budget was passed, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said in the House that whatever happened was not right. Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur is hungry for power. BJP MLAs went to Aasan and threw papers and committed hooliganism.

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CM Sukhu asked Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania to take strict action against those dancing inside the House. He said that BJP has disrupted the proceedings of the Assembly. BJP candidate won by toss.

Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania said that BJP MLAs tried to enter his chamber. This behavior of his was not right. If we look at the proceedings of one year, then opposition leader Jairam Thakur has been given time to speak more. Action will be taken against the MLAs as per rules.

Earlier, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan said that BJP MLAs have not behaved properly with the Assembly Speaker. 15 MLAs were suspended over the issue of misbehavior with the Speaker, but the atmosphere created by the MLAs is very unfortunate.

Opposition walkout before passing the budget

Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi said that for the first time the House has been wired. BJP MLAs climbed the pedestal. During voting for Rajya Sabha seat, Jairam Thakur came with 20 people and misbehaved with the retaining officer. BJP State President Dr. Rajiv Bindal has also come here and misbehaved with the people. This is murder of democracy. They are trying to attract their members towards themselves. These people want to make Himachal into UP and Bihar. They do not follow even a single rule, hence action should be taken against them.

Before the budget was passed, BJP MLA Satpal Singh Satti presented his views under Point of Order. He said that 15 BJP MLAs have been suspended from the House, this is not right. The incident has been going on for the last two days. BJP MLA was talking on the cut motion. Division of votes was being demanded, but it did not happen. Before the budget was passed, the opposition MLAs left the House.

We will expose the way conspiracy was hatched to topple the government: Sukhu

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that he will expose the way a conspiracy was hatched to topple the government. Certainly this government will last for five years. Para military forces were coming to the house. Efforts were being made to buy the MLAs. How many crores of rupees were lured overnight. Himachal is the state of Gods and Goddesses. There is democracy here. In the coming time the public will also answer this. CM Sukhu said that a disqualification motion has also been brought against him. In democracy, Satyamev always wins and truth has won. He wants to thank all the MLAs who have passed the budget. He wants to thank all those MLAs who showed solidarity. Observers came to deal with this crisis. He will talk to all the MLAs. Many rumors were spread that he was resigning.

This is what Jairam Thakur Thakur is saying. Will Jairam Thakur take the decisions of Congress? He said that an attempt was made to seize power by hatching a conspiracy, deploying CRPF and Haryana Police and sending helicopters, but it has failed.

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