Himachal Assembly Resolution Proposal: Dhaniram Shandil Said – Mental Health Policy Will Be Strictly Implemented in Himachal Pradesh


In Himachal Pradesh, 6 percent of the population is suffering from mental illness.

Health Minister Dr. Colonel Dhani Ram Shandil - Photo: Diary Times

Health Minister Dr. Colonel Dhani Ram Shandil - Photo: Diary Times

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Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Colonel Dhani Ram Shandil said that the mental health policy is going to be strictly implemented in Himachal Pradesh. Psychiatric cases are being reported in state hospitals. Infrastructure is going to be developed for counseling of psychiatric patients. Psychiatrists will be deployed in block level hospitals and psychiatric medicines are also going to be included in the list of essential medicines in Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal Pradesh, 6 percent of the population is suffering from mental illness. He has talked about opening an ideal drug prevention center in Himachal.

Health Minister Shandil gave this information during the discussion on the non-official resolution motion related to psychiatry brought by MLA Bhavani Singh Pathania in the State Assembly. He said that counseling needs to be made a subject. There should be programs to make people aware about this. The posts of psychiatrists are going to be filled in hospitals. He said that children go to school and till they return, there is pressure on the parents. He said that the cases of suicide are worrying. There is a need to further strengthen the mental hospital in Tanda Medical College.

Need to pay attention to the environment in which children live: Vinod Sultanpuri

MLA Vinod Sultanpuri said that this is an important topic. It deserves to be taken seriously. A former MP has also been a victim of mental illness. Earlier there were joint families. There is a need to pay attention to the environment the children are in. Children are busy on mobile. Parents need to be careful about this also.

Minister’s son is not a big deal, a cultured child of a poor person is good: Parmar

BJP MLA Vipin Singh Parmar has remembered the martyrdom of Captain Vikram Batra in the House. He said that due to mental disorders many people become victims of depression. It is the parents, not the children, who are responsible for not imparting values. Attention should also be paid to who is giving wrong education to the youth. Satisfied with the minister’s reply, MLA Bhavani Singh Pathania has withdrawn the resolution.

There may be 15 to 16 members in the assembly suffering from mental illness –

Congress MLA Bhavani Singh Pathania said that the number of people suffering from mental illness is increasing in the country. Himachal is also no exception to this. One in five people in the country suffers from mental illness. In this ratio, about 15 lakh members in Himachal and 15 to 16 members in the Assembly may be suffering from mental illness. Himachal government should improve the infrastructure and make policy to deal with this serious problem. This was said during the resolution presented during the Non-Official Members Working Day on Friday. He said that Himachal can set an example in the country by providing better treatment facilities for mentally ill patients.

SHO is responsible for taking the mentally ill patient to the hospital –

BJP MLA Dr. During the discussion on the resolution in Janak Raj, he said that according to an estimate, 6 percent of the population of Himachal is suffering from mental illness. Lack of awareness is the main problem. Under the Mental Health Act implemented from 2017, it is the responsibility of the SHO of the area to send a mentally ill patient to a mental hospital in any police station area. The doctor has been assigned the responsibility of treatment in the hospital.

MLA is also under mental stress: Hoshyar –

Independent MLA Hoshyar Singh said that the MLA is also under mental stress. When an independent candidate contests elections against national parties, he comes under mental stress. Lakhs of people have expectations from the MLA, hence tension increases.

Chief Minister, we should take cognizance of the mental health of 68 MLAs –

MLA Hansraj said that due to the current lifestyle everyone is under mental stress. A government teacher has made inappropriate comments on me on social media. Whoever has his work, should do it. The officers are having fun and there are no lights on the MLAs’ cars. Many times truck drivers use abusive language, this also creates tension. I have joined the gym. Chief Minister, we should take cognizance of the mental health of 68 MLAs.

Many members were not on their seats, Assembly Speaker expressed displeasure –

Many members of the ruling party and the opposition were not in their seats during the discussion on a serious topic like mental health. Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania has expressed displeasure on this. Said, members are in the gallery, the opposition is empty. This is not correct. By repeatedly ringing the bell, a message was given to the members to come inside the House.

Tenders for 47 roads advertised again in Public Works Department –

Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh said that tenders for a total of 47 roads were re-advertised by various boards from January 1, 2023 to January 15, 2024. Of these, 40 road works have been allotted. Tenders are under process to allocate the work of remaining 7 roads. Among the works of 40 roads allotted, work of two and a half kilometers from Gohar to Kanda under Gohar division has been completed. Work on the remaining roads is in progress.

Mischievous elements broke three plaques –

A plaque (Talada) marking the inauguration and foundation stone of Public Works Department Banjar Mandal has been broken by mischievous elements. The Public Works Department had reinstalled this plaque within three days. The complaint has been lodged by Assistant Engineer Sub Division Larji in Police Station Sainj. Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh gave this information in response to a question asked by MLA Surendra Shourie. He said that the Jal Shakti Department had reinstalled two plaques of the inauguration and foundation stone laying of Banjar Mandal (Uthau Drinking Water Mohini and Kalwari Scheme) within 15 days.

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