Google Removed 17 Loan Apps From Play Store: Chinese Loan Apps Used To Blackmail By Stealing Personal Data In The Name Of Giving Loans, See The List Here


Taking action on complaints of blackmailing, American tech giant Google has completely removed seventeen Chinese loan apps that were stealing people’s data in the name of giving loans from Google Play Store. For the last few years, in the name of giving loans, all these seventeen Chinese loan apps were carrying out incidents of blackmailing and fraud with people. Tech giant company Google’s teams have completely banned all seventeen Chinese loan apps from the Google Play Store after they found spy malware in the name of giving loans.

Google Removed 17 Loan Apps From Play Store

Google Removed 17 Loan Apps From Play Store

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Tech giant company Google, in a new research report by global cyber security firm ESET, had revealed that many instant personal loan apps, which are continuously committing fraud incidents with people, are involved in blackmailing incidents by stealing the data of Android smartphone users.

Along with this, information about eighteen Chinese loan apps was shared with the report in a copy of the complete report of global cyber security firm ESET, after which Google took action with immediate effect and removed seventeen Chinese loan apps from Google Play Store.

On the other hand, the developers of a Chinese loan app have changed their loan policy as per the terms and conditions of Google. Due to which the Google team has decided not to remove a Chinese loan app from the Play Store.

Google Banned These Seventeen Chinese Loan Apps From Google Play Store –

AA KreditInstantaneo Prestamo
Amor CashCartera grande
GuayabaCashRapido Crredito
EasyCreditFinupp Lending
Cashwow4S Cash
PrestamosCreditoPrestamos De Credito-YumiCash
Go Credito

All Seventeen Chinese Loan Apps Still Active Using Third Party Sources –

Also, before Google banned all the seventeen Chinese loan apps from the Play Store, all the apps had been downloaded from the Google Play Store by 12 million people around the world. Due to which, all the seventeen Chinese apps are currently frauding people by sending text messages daily through all third party sources including social media platforms as well as SMS and carrying out incidents of data theft with unknown people. In all seventeen Chinese loan apps, operators in India, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Colombia, Peru, Philippines, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore are blackmailing people by stealing their personal data.

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