Due to the construction of Pathankot-Mandi four lane, crisis on 220 KV power house located at Bodh in Noorpur.

Due to the construction of Pathankot-Mandi four lane, crisis on 220 KV power house located at Bodh in Noorpur.

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated June 23, 2023 by Diary Times

Due to the construction of Pathankot Mandi 4 lane, the clouds of crisis have deepened on the 220 KV power house located in the board of Noorpur.

Due to the construction of 4 lanes, the problem of water logging has arisen in this house. Today the employees of Power House submitted a memorandum to SDM Noorpur regarding this problem and demanded an immediate solution to this problem.

Pawan Mohan, JEE of the power house, said that if this power house is in trouble, half of Himachal will be plunged into darkness because almost half of Himachal gets electricity through this power house. So, due to the construction of NH road, all the water that we have is coming inside our facility.

We also discussed with them that to stop this water, either by making a drain etc., you should divert this water to the outside, but we did not talk here and there, there was no hearing, then our Tehsildar came to Saheb. So Tehsildar Sahab gave a very good response.

We would like to thank him, all the employees are working for seven days that SDM sir has listened to us in a big way and he has also talked to the authority there and maybe a solution will be found in a day or two.

Meanwhile, Gursimar Singh, SDM, Nurpur said that instructions have been given to the fourlane construction company to get rid of this problem immediately on priority basis.

SDM said that he himself is taking stock of the situation by going to the power house, inside it is that our NH work is going on with regard to the 2 20 kv which is our main sub-station, due to lack of drainage system there. Since it is a NH road, our abatement has gone up a bit.

So they say that all the water from there is going inside and it is not draining out and due to this their main 2 20 KB sub station can be badly damaged. So for this I have already talked to NH, so we will personally spot visit it and it will have to be settled as soon as possible.

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