Chief Electoral Officer Maneesh Garg: 68% voting in parliamentary constituencies and 69% voting in assembly by-election constituencies in Himachal Pradesh till 5:30 pm


He said that according to the data received at the headquarters of the Election Department of Himachal Pradesh, till 5.30 pm, 68 percent voting was recorded in four parliamentary constituencies of Himachal Pradesh and 69 percent in six assembly by-election constituencies.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Lok Sabha Elections 2024

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Reported & Written By Kumud Sharma, Diary Times, Shimla, June 01Himachal Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer Maneesh Garg has thanked all the voters of Himachal Pradesh for conducting the voting process peacefully in Himachal Pradesh under the seventh and final phase of the Lok Sabha elections.He said that the people of Himachal Pradesh have made the voting process successful by participating in it enthusiastically.

He said that with the hard work of the Election Commission of India and the Election Department of Himachal Pradesh day and night, along with the cooperation of the common people, a successful voting process has been completed in Himachal Pradesh today.

He thanked all categories of voters including first-time young voters, elderly voters, women voters and differently-abled voters for participating in the voting in large numbers and contributing to the democratic process of India.

Manish Garg thanked Chief Election Commissioner of Election Commission of India Rajiv Kumar on behalf of the Election Department of Himachal Pradesh for his direction and guidance.

He said that according to the data received at the headquarters of the Election Department of Himachal Pradesh, till 5.30 pm, 68 percent voting was recorded in four parliamentary constituencies of Himachal Pradesh and 69 percent in six assembly by-election constituencies.

He said that people had started queuing up in long queues at polling booths even before 7 am and four hours after the voting started, 31.92 percent voting was recorded at 11 am, followed by 48.63 percent voting at 1 pm, and 66.56 percent at 5 pm.

He said that according to the data received at the headquarters of the Himachal Pradesh Election Department till 5.30 pm, the highest voting of 73.8 percent was recorded in Lahaul-Spiti district, 71.45 percent in Kinnaur district, 71.3 percent in Kullu district, and the lowest voting of 65-65 percent was recorded in Chamba and Kangra districts.

He said that the correct figures of voting percentage will be officially released after the return of all the polling parties and scrutiny of documents.

He said that the entire polling in Himachal Pradesh was conducted peacefully by the security forces, and the Himachal Pradesh Election Department had made preparations for smooth security arrangements.

Maneesh Garg said that even in tribal districts like Lahaul-Spiti, voters participated in the voting with full zeal and enthusiasm despite the heatwave effect.

He said that 92 polling stations were set up in tribal district Lahaul-Spiti and 128 polling stations in Kinnaur district and 152 polling stations were set up for the convenience of voters of tribal areas Bharmour and Pangi of Chamba district.

Chief Electoral Officer Manish Garg said that a total of forty-four green polling stations were set up in Himachal Pradesh with the message of environmental protection and adopting the use of green energy.

He said That excluding service eligible voters, 56.45 lakh voters of Himachal Pradesh have participated in the voting process in a total of 7992 polling stations.He said that there are a total of 66390 service eligible voters in Himachal Pradesh.

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He said that the fate of 37 candidates in parliamentary constituencies and 25 candidates for assembly by-elections was at stake, out of which 3 are women candidates in parliamentary constituencies and one is a woman candidate in assembly by-elections.

He said that the maximum number of 12 candidates had filed nomination in Hamirpur and the minimum number of 5 candidates in Shimla parliamentary constituency.

He said that for real time monitoring of the entire voting process, 4885 polling stations were covered through live web casting, which were monitored from control rooms established in the state, district and assembly constituencies.

He said that 195 polling stations operated entirely by women, 28 by differently-abled people and 54 by youth were established in Himachal Pradesh.

He said that 280 model polling stations were established by the Election Commission in entire Himachal Pradesh, And arrangements for creches for small children were also made in many other districts like Hamirpur, Una, Chamba, Kinnaur.

He also said that in order to protect the voters from the effects of heatwave in the lower regions of the state, arrangements for tents in polling stations were made along with ORS solution, health kits.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that apart from the successful completion of polling in Himachal Pradesh, about 41924 voters above the age of 85 years, differently-abled people and essential services had already cast their votes through postal ballot.

He said that to monitor the polling process and make the entire election process fair and transparent, four general observers, six expenditure observers and three police observers were also appointed by the Election Commission.

He said that after the announcement of polling for the general elections on March 16, 2024, after the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct in Himachal Pradesh, till June 1, 2024, a joint action by the enforcement agencies of the Police, Income Tax, State Tax and Excise, Forest and Industry departments has resulted in seizures worth Rs 27 crore, which is two and a half times more than the seizures made during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The seizure of Rs 27 crore includes cash, illegal liquor, gold, jewellery, hashish and narcotics & challans under the Mining Act.

He said that during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, seizures worth Rs 11.31 crore were made in the state in a joint operation by enforcement agencies of the police, income tax, state tax and excise, forest and industry departments.

He said that during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, a total of 2236 complaints were received by the Himachal Pradesh Election Department, out of which 2008 complaints were resolved within the stipulated time period. Also, 773 complaints were received on C-Vigil, out of which 771 complaints have been resolved on time.

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