Baddi Fire Incident: Seeing Each Other, Someone Jumped From The Roof From Second-Third Floor, Video Goes Viral


30 workers have been seriously injured due to a massive fire in a perfume manufacturing factory in Jharmajri of BBN in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.

Baddi fire incident - Photo: Diary Times

Baddi fire incident - Photo: Diary Times

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30 workers have been injured in a massive fire at a perfume manufacturing factory in Jharmajri of BBN in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. No worker got burnt in the fire.

All thirty workers were seriously injured after jumping from the roof. Fearing the huge fire, all thirty workers saw each other and jumped from the roof. Three workers have suffered spinal fractures due to jumping from the third floor, due to which all three workers have been referred to PGI, Chandigarh.

The workers told Diary Times correspondent Kumud Sharma that the fracture would heal in some time but jumping from the roof had saved their lives. If he had not jumped from the roof, he could have lost his life.

Anita, a worker who was the victim of the complete accident, told Diary Times correspondent Kumud Sharma that she was working in the Aroma Factory after lunch when suddenly after 10 minutes, heavy smoke of fire entered her floor.

Anita told that as soon as they came to know about the massive fire, many workers immediately jumped from the roof to save their lives.

Worker Anita said that at that time 30 workers were working on her floor.

Another worker Deepshikha told Diary Times correspondent Kumud Sharma that she was working on the second floor. There were 19 women workers at Deepshikha’s table. As soon as the massive fire broke out, all 19 workers jumped from the roof.

All 19 workers have suffered fractures in their arms and legs due to jumping from the roof. But worker Deepshikha heaved a sigh of relief after her life was saved.

Another worker, Suman, told Diary Times correspondent Kumud Sharma that when she came for duty after having lunch, the supervisor told her not to make this scent and she was sent to the first floor. As soon as we reached the first floor, the supervisor closed the gate. Then, while working for some time, the supervisor told her that a massive fire had broken out on the first floor, after which the supervisor also jumped from the first floor along with other people.

The supervisor suffered serious injuries after jumping from the first floor. But all lives have been saved.

Know the names of all 31 injured workers –

Among all thirty one injured workers, Taravati and Saloni resident Pasunga Mandli Sambhal UP, Sapna resident Shekhpur Badaun UP, Kanti resident Visauli district Badaun, Kanchan resident village Khateta Chandausi Uttar Pradesh, Khushboo daughter of Vishnu resident Faichal Badaun, Savitri resident Chandausi Uttar Pradesh, Rajkumari resident village Asalpur Chandausi UP Along with Anita, Asha, Deep Shikha, Mamta, Anil, Celestina, Pushpa, Kashmiri, Pooja, Anshu, Savitri, Charan Singh, Satindra, Ramamurthy, Aarti, Geeta, Prem Kumari, Meera, Shiv Kumar, Prem Lata, Archana, Harish Chandra are seriously injured.

Himachal Pradesh Government’s Health Minister Dhaniram Shandil reached the hospital, CPS Ramkumar Chaudhary also reached the spot Jharmajri –

Health Minister of Himachal Pradesh Government, Colonel Dhaniram Shandil also reached the hospital and inquired about the condition of all the injured workers. CPS Ramkumar Choudhary has visited the spot Jharmajri. CPS Ramkumar Choudhary along with SP Baddi Ilma Afroz were also present at the spot.

CPS Ramkumar Chaudhary instructed SP Baddi Ilma Afroz to investigate the entire matter and immediate action should be taken against the culprits.

CPS Ramkumar Choudhary has also given directions to SP Baddi Ilma Afroz to find out all the reasons behind the massive fire.

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