Amazing: Blood Freezing Cold, Body Covered With Snow; Know Who Is The Great Yogi Who Does Yoga On The Highest Peak Of Himachal


The name of this Siddha Yogi is Satyendra Nath who is originally from Banjar in Kullu district. Satyendra Nath’s ashram named Kaulantak Peeth in Balichowki of Mandi district where he has been practicing yoga for the last 20 to 22 years.

Doing yoga amidst snow clouds - Photo: Diary Times

Doing yoga amidst snow clouds - Photo: Diary Times

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These days, a video is going viral on social media in Himachal Pradesh in which a Mahayogi is seen doing yoga amidst the snow on a high peak. This video has gone viral on social media where people are linking it to Sanatan Dharma Shakti, while some people are calling it AI generated.

Today we are going to tell you the whole truth of this video through this news. This video is of Saraj Valley of Kullu district in which in reality a Siddha Yogi is engrossed in yoga practice amidst the clouds and fog falling from the sky. The name of this Siddha Yogi is Satyendra Nath who is originally from Banjar in Kullu district. Satyendra Nath’s ashram named Kaulantak Peeth in Balichowki of Mandi district where he has been practicing yoga for the last 20 to 22 years.

People know him by the name of Ishputra –

Mahayogi Satyendra Nath’s Guru was Ishanath and because he was his disciple, people call him Ishputra. Ishputra is a yogi of the Siddha tradition of the Himalayas. His real name is Mahayogi Satyendra Nath. He is the Peethadhishwar of Kaulantak Peeth, which is the only Peeth of Siddhas in the Himalayas and follows the Dev tradition as its basis. Ishputra’s fans are spread across many countries. Kaulantak Peeth propagates Yoga and Devdharma in more than 8 countries. Since Ishaputra is the presiding deity, his disciples are always around him. Ishputra is a yogi of the Himalayas, so he can always be seen practicing meditation, meditation and samadhi on mountains, dense forests, rivers and waterfalls.

Mahayogi Satyendra Nath has been practicing since childhood –

Since childhood, Isha’s son has been practicing the path of meditation taught by his another guru, Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji. After completing his college studies, Ishaputra completely took over all the work of ‘Kaulantak Peeth’. Along with Ishputra, who had been practicing meditation for about a month, his two disciples had also gone to the mountains of Saraj Valley for yoga practice and meditation. Meanwhile, it started snowing and a blizzard started blowing. There were clouds and mist all around. In such a situation, the frightened disciples approach Ishputra. But he finds her in a state of deep meditation and captures her video on his mobile. When this video comes on social media, people are surprised. Most people think this is a clip shot in a studio. But the truth is that this is a glimpse of yoga practice.

The disciple of Mahayogi Satyendra Nath has made this viral video –

Now as to who made this video, it was made by a disciple named Rahul. Who captures all the videos of Ishputra in his mobile because this is the simplest and modern medium to reach Ishputra and Ishputra’s messages to the disciples spread all over the world. Besides, the objective behind making these videos is to introduce the new generation youth to Yoga, Sadhana and also to inspire them for Yoga meditation. While making this video, along with Rahul, the servant of God’s son named Savarni Nath was also with him. This is not just one video but there are many such videos throughout the month which are bound to shock the common man. But according to Savarni Nath ji, this is not a miracle. Rather, it is just a practice of Agni Yoga which anyone can learn and practice.

Mahayogi Satyendra Nath has been meditating in the snow since childhood –

Mahayogi Satyendra Nath has been practicing meditation in snow since childhood, hence it is easy for him. But going and sitting on such mountains can prove fatal. Every year many people die due to snow and cold. But there is no doubt that yoga has amazing power. This can be done by practice. But exposing the body to ice without practice is extremely dangerous. Therefore years of practice are very important.

Why is meditation done in snow?

There is a text in the Siddha tradition of the Himalayas, ‘White Meru Kalpa’ which tells the methods of doing sadhana in the snow and on the mountains. For the Yogis of the Himalayas, snow is a symbol of unity, truth and peace. By awakening one’s Kundalini energy, meditation is done on the complex Himalayas. When, where, how in this book? How much time? Details of which Yoga Kriya should be used for meditation by the Yogi are given. By practicing Pranayama and meditating on the Surya Nadi, along with practicing the Agni Beej Mantra, the Yogi practices tolerating the biting cold.

What happens with Him Sadhana?

Siddha yogis of the Himalayas perform such complex practices with the aim of gaining complete control over themselves and experiencing the depths of meditation and samadhi. The amazing energy of the Himalayas is very helpful for the Yogi in going towards Samadhi and the coolness of the snow keeps the Kundalini energy under control.

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