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In recent times, the number of women entrepreneurs has substantially increased. To provide more opportunities for women to pursue entrepreneurship, this article has gathered a list of 10 of the best business ideas for both urban and rural women, ranging from home-based ideas to innovative start-ups.

1. Food Delivery Service: With more people ordering food online, this is an excellent opportunity to provide a much-needed service to busy people and restaurants alike. You can start by enlisting drivers, factoring in delivery costs, and making sure you have the technology to handle orders and payments. The rural women could either approach a nearby town or any urban restaurant and could deliver them the foods prepared from the rural tastes.

2. Home Office Solutions: There is a growing need for home office solutions, from setting up a makeshift desk to the full office set up and decoration. If you have the skills and resources, you can provide specialized services for startups, remote workers and small businesses.

3. Niche Grocery Delivery: Specialized food delivery is becoming a hot commodity these days. If you live in an area that has a high concentration of different ethnicities, you can offer to deliver that specialized cuisine. Home grocery delivery is a great business idea for a rural or urban woman. More and more people today want the convenience of home delivery but lack the opportunity. Offering this service expands the versatility of the business, as specialized meals or packages can be created for each customer. Here, the clientele provides a great deal of success and repeat customers can be very profitable. The rural women could approach the nearby town supermarkets and could deliver their products for sale.

4. Online Coaching: As more and more people begin to turn to the internet for advice, now is a great time to offer online coaching services. This can range from providing advice on business relationships, to lifestyle – if you know, you can surely make a difference in someone’s life.

5. Event Planning: Another great business idea for women is to offer event planning services. Events are happening every day – from small to large scale. Creating a business around planning these events can be a lucrative option if you have a knack for organization and detail-oriented planning.

6. Home Decorating: Another great business to start up is a custom home decorating service. With just a few resources and tools, you can provide services for clients who are looking for a unique and personal touch to their homes. Rural women could also get into this business by producing handicrafts, such as mud pots, paintings, murals, and other crafts in which rural women are engaged.

7. Cleaning Services: Cleaning services offer a great opportunity for women to start a business. You can offer specialized services such as carpet cleaning or deep cleaning services or provide general services for households and small businesses.

8. Senior Care: With more and more seniors living independently, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for someone to provide specialized care to allow them to stay in their homes safely. Providing care in the home is a great opportunity to start a business and to serve an important role in aiding the elderly.

9. Creating a catering service: With the ability to capitalize on the event industry, a rural woman can have a successful catering business. The startup cost is relatively low and can include items such as silverware, plates, serving trays, and food presentation items. With great care in both presentation and taste, the catering service can be successful in the local community.

10. Outdoor Maintenance: Another great business idea is to start your outdoor maintenance service. This could include services such as lawn care, tree trimming and landscape design. In urban areas, where space is limited and difficult to come by, many entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfund and other methods to finance these projects. Additionally, many urban businesses usually require a professional license and insurance to perform these services. Consequently, urban entrepreneurs need to check with local ordinances and/or regulations to know what type of license or insurance is needed.

For rural women, outdoor maintenance services can include a variety of jobs that require the usage of the land and its resources. This includes things like mowing, tilling, fence repair and construction, landscape maintenance, chemical treatments, and other similar operations. To finance this type of business, one of the best sources of funding would be government grants or entrepreneur loans for smaller businesses.


Although there still exists unequal levels of success for rural and urban women entrepreneurs, there is evidence of growth and forward momentum in both camps. Government initiatives, technology, access to resources and networks, and the global wave of equality have all contributed to increasing the capabilities, chances and prospects of female entrepreneurs and business owners in both rural and urban areas around the world.

Kumud Sharma

Kumud Sharma is the First Well-Known Female Journalist of the Journalism World of Himachal Pradesh. I am the Founder, Editor in Chief, Managing Director, Promoter of Diary Times. As a Female Journalist, With My Experience of More Than Nine Years, I Tell You Every News of Himachal Pradesh From The Ground Level With Absolutely Accurate and Correct Information, Be it the Politics of Himachal Pradesh or the Ground Reality, My Perspective On Every News Will Give You Assurance. I Assure You That Every News of Mine Will Comply With the Expertise and Fact Checking Policy.


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