Nature’s Fury: Syria and Turkey Bear the Brunt of Recent Earthquakes ?

  • Date and magnitude of the earthquake
  • Location and impact on the region
  • Rescue and relief efforts from around the globe
  • Date and magnitude of the earthquake
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  • On February 7, 2023, Turkey and Syria experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes in their history. The quake hit at 4:17 AM (01:17 GMT), with its epicentre in Kahramanmaras in Gaziantep province in Turkey. The magnitude of the earthquake that happened was 7.8 and 7.5, which struck south-eastern Turkey and north-western Syria, resulting in thousands of fatalities, leaving thousands injured, and causing widespread devastation.

  • Location and impact on the region

  • The capital city of Gaziantep, which is home to over two million people including hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, is located just 33 kilometres (20 miles) from the epicentre.

  • Turkey is largely located on the Anatolian Plate, with two significant fault lines: the North Anatolian Fault located between the Anatolian Plate and the Eurasian Plate north of Turkey, and the East Anatolian Fault along the Arabian Plate to the southeast of the country.

  •  More than 40 aftershocks were felt in the wake of the initial quake, including one with a magnitude of 7.5 that hit at 1:24 pm (10:24 GMT) four kilometres (2.5 miles) south-southeast of the town of Ekinozu, Turkey.

  • Turkey’s geological location places it among the world’s most seismically active areas.

  • The affected region is home to several major cities under government control, including Aleppo, which has a densely populated population of nearly two million.

  • The magnitude of this natural disaster continues to escalate as the death toll reaches over 3,400 individuals. This devastating loss of life can be attributed to the two powerful earthquakes that struck the region on Monday morning. The first earthquake was followed by a second tremor located further north approximately 12 hours later. Despite the harsh weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and snow, rescue workers and volunteers have not wavered in their efforts to search for survivors amongst the rubble. This tragedy highlights the importance of disaster preparedness and response efforts to minimize the impact of natural disasters on communities.

  • A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has caused widespread devastation in parts of Turkey, resulting in hundreds of fatalities and the collapse of over 1,700 buildings. The tremors of the earthquake were felt as far as Lebanon and Cyprus

  • Rescue and relief efforts from around the globe.

  • As the world comes together to offer support to the devastated region, countries from all corners of the globe are lending a helping hand to aid in the rescue efforts. This outpouring of support includes the dispatch of specialist teams equipped with advanced technology, highly trained sniffer dogs capable of locating survivors, and a variety of essential equipment to aid in the search and rescue mission. This collective effort highlights the power of international cooperation in the face of tragedy and serves as a beacon of hope for those affected by the disaster.

  • In response to the earthquake disaster, India has mobilized its support by sending a 99-member medical team along with a mobile army field hospital and essential equipment to Ankara, Turkey. The team, equipped with X-ray machines, ventilators, and oxygen-generating plants, will set up a 30-bed medical facility to assist the affected population. Additionally, India is sending a C-17 aircraft with 100 members of the National Disaster Relief Force, excavation equipment, and food and medical supplies, as well as a C-130J aircraft full of medical supplies to Damascus, Syria. The NDRF contingent includes two specialized search-and-rescue dogs, a Labrador and a cocker spaniel.

  • A day after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the first truckload of Amazon’s donated relief items departed the company’s fulfilment centre in Istanbul. The supplies are heading to Hatay Province and include heaters, blankets, and other goods to aid first responders and help victims stay warm amid frigid weather. Rescue operations are ongoing following the Monday morning earthquake, which officials say killed over 7,700 people.

  • We stand ready to provide any necessary support, leveraging the capabilities and resources of the Department of Defence and the U.S. military, to assist in the response and recovery efforts,” Garn added. The U.S. European Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in Europe, is closely monitoring the situation and is ready to provide support as requested by Turkish authorities.

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