National Science Day 28 February 2023

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Every year, the National Science Day is celebrated on February 28th to honor the discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman in 1928. This day marks an important milestone in the history of Indian science as it was the first scientific research paper published by an Indian scientist.

The National Science Day is celebrated to increase the awareness about the importance of scientific applications in the daily lives of people, and to encourage the younger generation to take up Science as a profession. The day also celebrates advancements in science and technology and its contribution to humanity.


On this day, students, teachers, and scientists are encouraged to take part in discussions, exhibitions, seminars and other activities focusing on the Indian achievements in science and technology. Various awards are also distributed on this day to recognize individuals who have made remarkable contributions to science and technology.

Apart from this, various events are organized by schools and universities across the country on this day to celebrate scientific discoveries and advancements. These events include lectures by eminent scientists, discussion forums, practical experiments, science fairs, quizzes etc., aimed at imparting knowledge about the latest developments in science among students.


The Government of India has also set up several science institutes, laboratories and research centers in order to promote scientific pursuits across the country. These centers include IITs, CSIR laboratories, ISRO centers, etc., where scientists from all over the world come together to share their knowledge and collaborate on various research projects.


The National Science Day also marks the launch of a national campaign titled ‘Scientific India’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech at Bangalore in 2015. This campaign works towards raising awareness about science among people and inspiring them to take up careers in science and technology. It also encourages young scientists to pursue their research activities and discover new areas of application.


In conclusion, the National Science Day is an important event that is celebrated every year with great zeal across India. It aims at creating awareness about the importance of science and technology in our lives and encourages youngsters to take up research activities in various fields of science. Through this day, we can nurture a culture of innovation, technological advancement and research that will help create a brighter future for India in terms of science and technology.

Kumud Sharma

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