Make Money Online by Playing Video Games in 2023 ?

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In 2023, you might be well aware of reading articles that chase technological transformations. That not only brought a profit to the business industries but played as a career changer in millions of individuals’ lives.

Just as the title says, this article will be solving your keen aspects on how a person or you, could earn by playing video games.

Certainly, it’s not that simple at all! This can be made into a profitable career only when you are extremely passionate about dedicating your time to researching and more.

If you are young and would like to spend even years making a huge audience, then, this is for you!

This article shows you the legal way of making money by playing video games.

Make Money through Video Games

So, the below upcoming content is about to take you to a new world of gaming! Gamers, settle down in your seats and have really good decision-making power!


Twitch is a live-streaming gaming platform. The users of twitch could see the streamers playing live video games, can interact with one another and could even live stream their profiles.

Now if you want to be a streamer on the Twitch platform, then you could create an account for yourself. You could earn money through subscriptions and Twitch partnerships.

Twitch is popular because of the content it produces and fascinates gamers to know more. The platform produces new titles, tips on how to play, interactive chat boxes with the public and gets to follow popular gamers.

  • Video Gaming Journalist

Another career-making field in playing games is becoming a journalist. This journalist is only meant to review all sorts of games.

To find relevant job openings, search for opportunities at mid-sized gaming sites. Avoid large companies such as IGN, and also skip out on startups without enough traffic. Have writing samples ready to go before submitting your application.

If you don’t have existing work, start by doing volunteer writing on smaller websites. Good luck!

  • Game Tester

Before releasing a game there has to be a reassurance of there are no bugs and only smooth functioning of the game.

The developers will have some individuals to spare their time in finding what they wanted them to find.

Aspiring gamers can have their dream job come true by becoming beta testers. Beta testers are paid to play video games that haven’t been released to the public yet. While playing and having fun may be elements of this job, beta testers’ main mission is to find glitches and errors in the game so they can be addressed before being launched.

  • Gaming Podcasts

Start lending your time to gaming podcasts. These days generating content via audio is not much dislikeable to people. They hear, and they react.

The ads generated from your podcasts, and the sponsorships you could get, you can make money.

  • Tournaments

Get yourselves in the shoes of a gamer by attempting live tournaments.

After winning the tournament, just like any other platform, the winner will be receiving a good amount of reward. The gaming level mainly determines these awards to you. You can take part and enhance your reputation and earnings.

The Bottom Line

Making money in this generation is simple, but not easy! If you have the mind and time of being fully passionate and dedicating your days, months and even years of hard work to the field of gaming, then read more about the legal and parental guidelines. And choose your field of money earning by playing video games!

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