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A Graphical Interchange Format image, or GIF for short, is made out of compressed image files to slow down transport. GIFs combine multiple images into a single file to produce an animated effect. GIFs are widely used in today’s cyberspace since the images download quickly and the animations are frequently entertaining. Online engagement can be greatly increased for marketers by using animated GIFs.

GIF use is common in social media

GIFs can be used in blog articles like this one and website content, but most people associate these animated images with social media exchanges. According to the New York Times, here is a short breakdown of how many GIFs are uploaded to various social networking sites:

Every day, on average, 23 million GIFs are shared on Tumblr.

Approximately 5 million GIFs are sent daily between users of Facebook Messenger.

Slack: More than 2 million GIFs are sent each month between users.

More than 100 million GIFs were shared on Twitter in 2015

The Various GIF Formats

GIFs are not all created equal. It’s vital to be aware of the many sorts of GIF images and to make sure you’re using the proper one for the right situation before you go attaching a GIF to a social media post or your website.

  • The replay Gif

Sports fans used to only get a few chances to view a replay of their favorite touchdown catch or slam dunk not too long ago. Either immediately following the action via instant replay, or later on, during ESPN highlights If you didn’t take advantage of those windows of opportunity, your only other choice was to hope someone had recorded it on VHS.

These days are over thanks to YouTube. Fans can rewatch highlights in a compressed format with GIFs, though. The replay GIF alters the game by repeatedly looping almost any noteworthy video, including the game-winning field goal from the previous night and even a memorable passage from your favorite movie.

The NFL and NBA’s official Twitter accounts have recently been using a lot of Vine videos as replays. The NFL and NBA are gradually switching to GIFs and native Twitter ideos to promote must-see moments, albeit Vine may be on the way out.

The NFL and NBA’s official Twitter accounts have recently been using a lot of Vine videos as replays. The NFL and NBA are gradually switching to GIFs and native Twitter video to promote must-see moments, albeit Vine may be on the way out.

GIFs that play back are not just for amusement. For marketers that want to promote recent corporate news or relate a current event to their industry, these kind of GIFs might be useful.

  • The Cinemagraph

The black-tie event GIF is the cinemagraph. The cinematography GIF is a mix of a still image and animation that is more formal than its GIF cousins. In this GIF, one event is continuously going through time rather than being seen in a loop. One aspect of the image moves while the others remain still in a cinemagraph.

Cinemagraph GIFs leave the spectator feeling calm because there aren’t many moving pieces in the picture. Because of their polished design and subdued tone, cinemagraph GIFs are popular with travel and fashion businesses. The cinematography GIF usually starts with film recorded by a camera on a tripod and requires high editing skills due to the visual rewards and complex consistency.

  • The reaction GIF

The reaction GIF, which is undoubtedly the most popular type on social media, is used to study emotions on replay. The majority of the stuff you see in reaction GIFs comes from the film and television industries. Reaction GIFs help marketing businesses outside of Hollywood by substituting animated responses for text-based ones. A clever GIF, for instance, may be utilized as a social media reply.

Reaction GIFs are frequently utilized to improve any online comments that a user makes. These looping graphics convey whatever sentiment or message the user is trying to express at the moment. No tension or reaction GIFs usually make the viewer chuckle, especially if the image is cleverly used in response to a specific topic.

  • The Perfect-Loop GIF

The perfect-loop GIF is bustling and lively, in contrast to the cinemagraph GIF’s calm and stillness. This GIF is a continuously looping clip from a camera of an occasion. The shot’s final frame seamlessly transitions back to the opening frame. The GIF’s seamlessness makes it possible for the viewer to lose track of time even though they are repeatedly experiencing the same 7 or so seconds.

The perfect-loop GIF can be advantageous for a business. The loop can be used to promote nonstop service because it is inherently nonstop. It can also be used to promote consumer testimonials of a well-received product.

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