A Series Of Round-Tables At The UN On G20

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As we all are aware, this year’s G20 summit is being held under the presidency of India. The chair is of India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. All the meetings of G20 will be held in various cities in India. The theme of this year’s G20 is Sustainable lifestyle.

The gathering of the G20 summit has already started and most of the meetings are scheduled for March and September 2023. Many preparations are going on. 

Similarly, India has prepared for various round tables at the United Nations Assembly this week. 

All these round tables are preparation and discussion on various aspects related to the present global condition and upcoming G20 summit


Some of the round tables are scheduled as follows,

  • On Thursday, a round table is to be held on the title, “Gandhian Trust ship”. A discussion on sustainable lifestyle and enduring peace will be held. 
  • On 9th March, a round-table on the title, “A World We Women and Girls Want”. Various women leaders from all across the globe will be part of this round-table conference. 
  • On 16th March, a round table on the title, “Grassroots Leadership Transformation” will be held.
  • On 14th April, on the birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar a ceremony with a roundtable titled, “Focus on India’s Growth and Development” will be held. 


  • Various other round tables are yet to be scheduled.
  • This will be followed by G20 Summit which will be held in India.
  • Ahead of this Sustainable Development Goal Summit will be held after that in New York.  
Kumud Sharma


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