Una News – Efforts To Make Coarse Grains The Main Diet Once Again,Women of Self-Help Groups Making Dishes From Coarse Grains

Una News - Efforts To Make Coarse Grains The Main Diet Once Again,Women of Self-Help Groups Making Dishes From Coarse Grains

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated September 27, 2023 by Diary Times

Amidst the effort to bring coarse grains into the mainstream once again, women of self-help groups in the rural areas of Una have specially started the work of making dishes. These women have prepared millet laddus including ragi barfi and biscuits. Deputy Commissioner Raghav Sharma said that coarse grains are very beneficial for health. He said that many people are now turning to millet roti instead of wheat. The Deputy Commissioner said that all possible assistance is available to the women from the district administration. Gave assurance of getting it done.

In Una district, there are self-help groups associated with our National Livelihood Mission. The women of Bangana and Unnao Mandal. They have developed coarse grains or millets or what they call Shri Anna. To further promote it and its benefits, they are talking about mangoes. To reach the citizens in their business, they have included the products of Shree Ann which include millet laddus, ragi barfi and ragi biscuits and have started making them and the response to them is very good from the people. As you know that the origin of Shree Anna or Coarse Grain is India and whatever it is at the world level, the year of International Coarse Grain was created last year and After that all these things have started. From the research that has come out in this, it has come to light that the glucose level or sugar level increases much more than the rest and it increases the risk of pre-diabetes in our population which is affected by diabetes. It is not good for them, it is harmful. So for all those people and to manage their sugar especially around the age of forty and after that. These other things are very beneficial, healthy and also diabetes preventives. And they also play a big role in managing the sugar level in diabetes.

Self-help group members Bhavna and Krishna Devi also demanded that a suitable place be provided for the sale of their dishes. These women said that while working in this project under the National Rural Livelihood Mission and they are earning good income.

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