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Daily Horoscope 2023 – Today 17 June 2023 Horoscope | today horoscope

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated April 16, 2023 by Diary Times

Outdoor activities will prove to be quite tiring and stressful. Not a good day to invest and invest money based on speculation.
Lucky Number : 5

Today will be favorable for you. You will be able to get good results on the basis of your speech and communication skills.
Lucky Number : 3

There will be more work in the office. Extra hard work may have to be done in the office or field. Feelings of fear and insecurity can also dominate you.
Lucky Number : 1

Travel will give you tiredness and stress but will prove to be financially beneficial. It is time to give up your habits of maintaining dominance in the family.
Lucky Number : 5

Today, on the one hand, everything will be a little extra with you, on the other hand, your excessive enthusiasm will do you some harm. Today you may have to bear some extra burden.
Lucky Number : 4

There can be a situation of ups and downs in the workplace. An offer may appear in a hidden way. There can be chances of sudden loss of money.
Lucky Number : 2

Today you will earn good money but increase in expenses will make saving more difficult for you. The people of the house will criticize your extravagant nature.
Lucky Number : 3

Today, walk with a mind of agreement in every matter throughout the day. Think carefully before taking any step.
Lucky Number : 5

Work carefully in business. Employed people can get upset due to excessive workload. Don’t trust anyone who says something without thinking.
Lucky Number : 6

Don’t spend more time than necessary on entertainment and beauty enhancement. Participation in social activities with family can create a lot of mental pressure.
Lucky Number : 3

The planetary energies for you are very powerful, positive and balanced. There will be some restlessness in the mind.
Lucky Number : 7

There can be benefits in the field and business. You will move in a planned manner. People will pay attention to you and your words today.
Lucky Number : 2

Pandit Shashi Pal Dogra Vashisht Jyotish Sadan Shimla.