The tourism season is at its peak in Himachal Pradesh at this time.

The tourism season is at its peak in Himachal Pradesh at this time.

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated July 1, 2023 by Diary Times

Most of the tourist places of Himachal Pradesh are witnessing a significant increase in the number of tourists these days, and at the same time, the tourism industry of the state is also seeing a lot of profit due to this increase and due to this, the businessmen of the state are also seeing a lot these days.

These days tourists from different states of the country are reaching the tourist places of the state. The tourism season is at its peak in Dalhousie, the tourist town of Chamba district.

Due to the tourist season in Dalhousie, all the hotels are fully packed and due to the increase in the number of tourists, businessmen have got a lot of financial benefit.

According to estimates, this year tourism business is witnessing an increase as compared to the last two-three years. Tourism businessmen are expecting good business in the coming days as well.

A businessman told that the movement of tourists in the month of June has been very good. This time it was seen that there was a slight decline in the number of tourists in the first fifteen days of the month of May, so all the businessmen who are associated with tourism were a little worried, but after the fifteenth of May, tourists have come in large numbers and due to this the state There has also been a significant increase in tourism

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