Spring Festival ( Peepal Mela) Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh-2023 | What Is Peepal fair started with the arrival of Gauhari Dev in Dhalpur Maidan At Kullu

Spring Festival ( Peepal Mela) Kullu ,Himachal Pradesh-2023 | What Is Peepal fair started with the arrival of Gauhari Dev in Dhalpur Maidan At Kullu

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Spring Festival – 2023



History Of Peepal fair started with the arrival of Gauhari Dev in Dhalpur Maidan At Kullu

Spring festival is held from 28th April to 30th April every year. Cultural programs are organized with classical music songs and dances. It is also very significant from the business point of view.


The people belonging to Lahaul begin to return to their native place after passing cold winter in the valley. This fair gives them an opportunity to buy their agricultural tools and other useful/ needful equipment’s and items.

The Peepal Jatar fair is being organized continuously since the 15th century. It is also called Rai-Ri-Jach in the local language. It is being organized even before Dussehra. Dussehra started in Kullu from the 16th century, while Peepal Mela started from the 15th century.

What Is Peepal fair started with the Arrival of Gauhari Dev in Dhalpur Maidan At Kullu-

According to experts, a place was made to sit under a Peepal tree in the Dhalpur ground, where the king and the deity used to burn Jagra in a day. Which was organized for happiness and peace.


Apart from this, Laldi dance is performed in the evening by lighting a fire in Dhalpur. Veer Nath, Brahma Devta, Jwani Mahadev, Tripura Sundari, Chamunda Mata, Shailvari Mata and Devta Naraksah etc. deities used to participate in the fair.


Kardar Rajkumar and Gur Devi Chand of Devta Veer Nath told that earlier Lord Raghunath ji also used to attend the Jatra Mela. But now for many years Raghunath ji does not come. Earlier this fair had the status of district level, which is now state level.


The format of this fair, which is celebrated every year from 28 to 30 April, has now changed. Now only one Gauhari Dev comes to the fair. While the level of the fair has also fallen from the commercial and cultural point of view.

There was a time when people used to buy pairs of oxen from this fair to plow the fields along with cows and calves. Today, only a few people come to buy cows etc. Tractors and power tillers have finished the work of bullocks. On top of that, the city council has also reduced the animal ground instead of improving it further.


This ground has been given to some contractors and shops to store building materials, bricks, stones, tyres, etc. People are also surprised by this act of the city council. Due to falling level of the fair, people are also not able to gather and on top of that inflation has broken the back of the businessmen. Once upon a time, the entire Dhalpur ground was full of businessmen, now most of the plots are vacant due to inflation.


Kullu 3-day long Peepal Mela has begun with the arrival of the deity Gauhari at Dhalpur Maidan-


Peepal fair will be celebrated from 28 to 30 April at Dhalpur Maidan. On Friday afternoon, the Dev Gauhari reached his temporary camp at Dhalpur Maidan from his temple. Where the Dev process was completed.


Traders from outside states have also decorated their shops for the fair at Dhalpur Maidan. For better management of cleanliness in the fair, 30 additional cleaning staff have been appointed by Kullu Municipal Council. At the same time, a spring quiz competition is also being organized.


During this, CPS Sundar Thakur’s deity reached to seek the blessings of Dev Gauhari. He said that the level of Peepal Mela has increased in the last few years and traders from outside states are also reaching here for business. In such a situation, the state government will also work towards increasing the level of the fair.


On this occasion, Municipal Council Kullu President Gopal Krishna Mahant along with councilors and other dignitaries were present.




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