Senior BJP Leader and Former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar – In This Hour of Disaster, Both the Ruling Party and the Opposition Should Work in Coordination.

In This Hour of Disaster, Both the Ruling Party and the Opposition Should Work in Coordination.

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated August 30, 2023 by Diary Times

Diary Times Bureau Desk, Shimla

Kumud Sharma : Senior BJP leader and former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar has advised both the ruling party and the opposition to work in coordination in this gulf of disaster. He said that at this time there should be neither any party nor opposition. Shanta Kumar said that During the disaster, both the Central and State governments have done commendable work and safely evacuating thousands of tourists from a remote area like Chandratal is a commendable task.

The disaster is very terrible and there is a black shadow of mourning in hundreds of houses, and people are searching for their near and dear ones in the debris. It is a very sad disaster. I am happy that the whole of Himachal is fighting it. The rest of the disaster is man’s own creation. The biggest reason is the fiercely increasing population like the locust rate and the preparation for destruction in the name of development. The government is also doing it together with the people and I think very soon the help of Himachal will be overcome.

The Government of India and the governments of the states are also helping us. I thank them very much.

Shanta Kumar told that Palampur-based Vivekananda trust has constructed a building named Vishranti for the residence of senior citizens, which will start in the month of October.

He said that the number of elderly people is increasing in the country and Senior Citizen Sadan Vishranthi has been constructed for the happy life of the elderly.

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